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Daily from screens of TVs, computers laptops, tablets and smartphones on us looking glamorous and flamboyant personality with sparkling white teeth. It is this "Hollywood smile" is the dream of many of our compatriots, which to the status of stars is very, very far away. To understand them is not difficult, because it is the best argument when dealing, in addition, healthy teeth and demonstrate that the whole body is in excellent condition. Naturally, the ecology and way of life that we are hard to rely on such beauty. But do not despair, after all, is one of the core areas of our work Altana Plus .

the causes of the yellow

you Need to understand that white smile, which is so promoted in the media space, is actually artificial. A person from birth could not be so white teeth, however, plaque and yellowing is not normal. That is, there are always reasons that affect this state and the main among them are:

  • Smoking;
  • the
  • foods with dyes;
  • the
  • Excessive consumption of sugar;
  • the
  • Lack of dental care.

a Violation of "whiteness" also contribute to age criteria and a genetic predisposition.

whitening Methods

today in dentistry in General and in the clinic Altana Plus in particular, the practice of professional and home teeth whitening. As you might guess, in the first case, all manipulations are carried out in a clinical setting. The cost, treatment time and the effect depends on the specific technique and the condition of the teeth (causes yellowing) of the patient.

Often use the following methods of professional whitening are:


    Hardware. Essentially means the mechanical removal of bacterial or other kind of attacks. As a result, possible to lighten teeth to a natural shade (+/- 1-2 pitch). Is performed by a special polishing abrasive brush, the action of ultrasonic waves, and also with the sandblasting method. Recommended as a caries prevention once a year;

    Chemical. On the surface of the teeth to apply the reagent, which is oxidized provides oxygen molecules. They penetrate into the dentin and under the catalytic influence of the laser radiation destroys the pigment. Duration of this procedure can take up to 2 hours, but the result will last for 3-5 years.

At home whitening, the patient wears the teeth with a special tray filled with active gel. The technique is more affordable, but the result appears only in two or three weeks.

Select methods of teeth whitening we leave for the patient, but in any case, guarantee its quality and professional performance.

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