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the word essay takes roots from the Latin and French languages and it means the MSB . An essay is a personal human reasoning on this topic that is currently relevant and includes links to the applicable literature as well as the opinions of different scientists.

to sum up, the main purpose of writing essay is not only lighting problems due to the use of various sources of information, as well as defining personal position in this matter.

At the same time, not necessarily to agree with the author of the work or article. This may well be radically different position, but in this case we must be able to prove their own vision of the subject, and to defend their own point of view.

But you must take into account the fact that to Express one's own opinion can ordinary spoken language, after all, strict boundaries in this matter. Of course, have to respect the limits of decency, ie in an essay you can't use street talk.

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now let's go from theory to practical recommendations. In itself, the task to write an essay is a creative stage in the training of each student, especially. The volume of this work, often small, and in average it is about 2 sheets of printed text.

But it is necessary to consider the fact that very long presentation of the material may be taken as the report rather than an essay (especially if the text is not my own reasoning). That is why, writing an essay often choose a very narrow range of tasks, which, in turn, can be summarized briefly.

But anyway, after reading the essay, no one should think that my conclusion is inviolable, can not agree and should be able to challenge it.

In the end, the essay calls readers to engage in dialogue, so that all participants could Express their own opinion about the interest of the question, so, with the help of brainstorming , it is possible to come to a true judgment, but directly by the essay, you can evaluate the personality of its author, his worldview, thinking, feelings, and thoughts.

When writing an essay is a mandatory condition of independence and individuality. Do not use the work of others.

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