What are the fabric blinds?


high Quality fabric blinds (they roll curtains, roll curtains) are cheap, practical and popular solution to control entry of light into the room and window decoration. This exquisite and modern interior design elements can easily hide from prying eyes, everything that happens in your dwelling. In addition, by fabric blinds have a great opportunity to provide excellent Svetozara premises: for example, immediately after their installation in the room immediately will reign for a supportive and comfortable atmosphere. By the way, can be purchased in the online store http://proem.in.ua.


Roll-blinds for Windows have a number of advantages. Including:

  • they provide to the owner a reliable protection from the glances of strangers from the street;
  • they do not crumple and do not change their shape, look elegant and provide the perfect appearance of your Windows;
  • special thanks. impregnation they for many years retain the original appearance and do not fade;
  • they are made of fabrics with additional anti-dust, antibacterial and antistatic treatment;
  • there are a wide range of materials for roll blinds (various design, pattern, texture, and weight);
  • they can be mounted in the attic, tilt Windows, and office plastic Windows;
  • due to the use of fabric blinds decorating openings industrial, and residential areas has become very easy task for designers;
  • it is also very convenient to use them as a projection screen;
  • they prevent the passage of energy from the sun directly through the window, causing, protect furniture from fading and heat;
  • certain kinds of fabric blinds ( night-day ) allow you to control the desired amount of light that enters the room.

it would Seem that with such a set of excellent performance, the cost of fabric blinds must be sky-high. But, fortunately, everything is exactly the opposite - now fabric blinds are available to almost everyone.

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