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the Textbook is intended for students Handbook, which students are learning specific academic subject. It specifically describes the skills, abilities and knowledge on every subject that just needs to learn the student according to the school program. From the quality of the textbooks, a lot of what will depend on the quality of the skills, abilities and knowledge of students - their effectiveness, durability, awareness, as well as personal development of creative thinking, the cognitive development of their revitalization, education formation of certain skills and habits.

Initially the children are introduced to . The presentation of the material in the textbooks is characterized by a completeness and consistency, is displayed in sections, it uses methods that encourage reflection, and help to track the development of events and phenomena. In workbooks to textbooks, as well as in the textbooks there is direct instruction for students by type:

  • remember;
  • think;
  • tell us;
  • watch etc.

Rules and conclusions, determining that it is necessary to remember stand out. So, in the textbooks for first graders has a huge number of examples of writing, signs, assignments, and illustrations that help the student better understand and present study material. In addition, the learning material is facilitated by the presence in textbooks of tasks and questions.

Pravilno-chosen illustrations enhance the emotionality of the textbook, the cognitive significance of its texts, and its impact on the senses and mind of a child. In order to vzaimosvyazei life of the child, his needs and interests with children's literature in different works included through the characters and the lessons, in turn, is constructed in the form of heuristic conversation.

Remember that the design and content of textbooks to help implement the main task - to teach children reading skills, counting, self-creativity and many other skills.

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