The device and principle and the principle of Autonomous sanitation


Autonomous sewer, today performed using plastic fittings and pipes. In the cottages and private homes where there is no centralized sewage system, the improvement of local system - this is the only available opportunity to experience such a blessing of modern civilization, a toilet that is located inside the building, not somewhere on the street under a Bush.

For arrangement mainly made in plastic, that is directly related to the visual "+" this material - it max easy installation and resistant to corrosion.



Faced 1st time with the need of the installation of the sewage system somewhere in a country house, the person may well be some issues on installation and system design. Initially, it is necessary to understand what constitutes the most Autonomous sewer.

Autonomous Sewerage is the network of motor communications, which has individual treatment facilities and independent pipeline.

In this drain consists of the following components:

  • look and layout of the pipeline;
  • Internal network pipes and plumbing fixtures;
  • Septic tank (treatment facilities);
  • Compressor (today it is possible to choose a septic tank, which initially uses the compressor or add compressor to existing system ocistiti).

Principle of operation

the Functioning of Autonomous Sewerage is the drainage out waste and recycled water directly through the pipe-house, where they debugged the system goes directly into the septic tank where the sewage is a three-stage purification, and then they're heading for a soaking trench or filter well on the subsequent soil cleanup. So the decomposition of sewage were faster, is to supply oxygen directly into the tank of a septic tank. A similar result can be easily achieved if you mount the compressor.


Advantages of a septic tank with mechanical cleaning:

  • does not require connection of electricity;
  • operates at any time of the year;
  • maintenance;
  • allowed breaks at work.

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