PVC boat, Altair (Altair)


the Company Altair from SPb produces boats made of PVC and accessories. Special attention during production is paid directly to its quality, that's why users of these boats speak of them strictly positive. By the way, you can buy in online store "Extreme": http://extriman.ru.


Boats Altair under the hinged transom

Motor-rowing lightweight boat Altair can be purchased either for swimming under oars or at the request of the client, they can be equipped with a motor and a transom mounted Board.

Inflatable boat Altair Beta-280 is ideal for fishing alone, after all, weighs 16.5 pounds, which in turn makes it possible without outside help to get the boat out on the water. If necessary, the vessel can be mounted hinged transom that has a foldable design, and supply the ship 2 - 3 strong dvigatelem.


What today is in the boat Altair with a stationary transom?

This TM produces a wide range of PVC inflatable boats, which are equipped with stationary transom:

  • Specifically for fishing have created a series JOKER. For example, the JOKER boat-340 has a 4 passenger + 1 child seat, and can also be equipped with an engine up to 18 HP
  • Series ALFA is lightweight and budget price. For example, boat Alfa-250K can carry 2 passengers (1 adult + 1 child). It has a weight of 15 kg. And the presence of a keel gives her the ability to better follow the course and makes it manageable in the very midst of the waves;
  • Series SIRIUS combines enhanced comfort with compactness. Boats of this series are characterized by stylish colours and high performance;
  • PRO-Series and PRO ULTRA are the best choice for big water, because they have excellent sea keeping qualities. Outstanding representatives of this series are boats PRO-385 PRO and ULTRA-425. Keeled the hull data of the vessels improves the controllability of the boat, they develop a high speed, and gliding out very quickly;
  • ORION Series was designed specifically for marine waters. They are easy to germinate on a wave, characterized by high controllability and high stability in conditions of wind, currents and waves.

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