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One of the main factors when choosing a future profession and the University for the training is the prospect of future employment. Unfortunately, in the post-Soviet space, this issue is more than acute, since most colleges or universities have educational programs that are very divorced from reality. Given the level of competition in the labour market, postgraduate knowledge should a potential employer immediately discard all doubt, and this is possible if you present him with the diploma of the international format. with the use of student visas is one of the most promising, especially since here the prestige of the diploma and the actual level of training (corresponding to modern requirements of the market) - equivalent concepts.

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for many years, Canada holds a leading position in the world ranking in terms of life and this is largely due to the fact that education as middle and higher paid tremendous attention. According to some reports the level of investment of the state in funding universities is up to 90% of total current assets.

For foreign students there are excellent conditions. Such strict admission rules, both in the United States or France (despite the popularity of these countries among students) here. And the cost of training more acceptable. It must be said that a single tariff for the whole country no - each school sets its sobstvennolichno. Depending on the direction of training, which is about 10-15 thousand canadian dollars a year.

of Course, from a potential applicant will require education documents and certificate of language tests according to the international system (e.g. TOEFL for English). Priority are the owners of maximum performance on both fronts. Yes, and most learning takes place in French and English, either one of them that you have to consider when choosing a University or College.


According to statistics, at least 95% of graduates of canadian universities or colleges in the first six months after graduation to find work. While the salaries will start from 30 thousand canadian dollars a year, but after a few years can reach 60 thousand. Such prospects are at all, regardless of the underlying citizenship, which is also one of the reasons for the popularity of this trend among students from different countries.

From the legislative point of view, canadian student visa is not only a study permit for a period of 3 years, but actually carte Blanche for employment. For example, if after training a former student last year in Canada, will have full right to apply for permanent residence, and after two years the prospect of citizenship.

furthermore, the government creates all conditions in order to support not only the student but also his family. For example, the wife also gets a work permit, children are entitled to education in public schools, health insurance, etc.

Canada is one of the most promising trends in education that is valued worldwide.

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