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Openness, in all senses, modern society leads to the fact that appearance plays a huge role in the self-esteem of any individual, as well as its perception in a circle. It is obvious that in the first place it concerns those parts of the body that are constantly on the mind - of the face and nose in particular. It is not strange sounds, but congenital and acquired defects in this area are not uncommon. Their correction, despite the veneer of simplicity, is fraught with certain difficulties, to cope with which is not a specialist. Nevertheless, choosing the medical center Clinic DECA , it is possible to assert with confidence that for them the highest category.

What is rhinoplasty?

This term is used in clinical practice when talking about aesthetic surgical correction of the size and shape of the nose. Surgery in this region is associated with a number of objective difficulties:

  1. first, one cannot recklessly adjust the shape of the nose - everything must be in harmony with the individual features of the face. That is, the surgeon must be some kind of artist;
  2. the
  3. second, the operation itself is complex, involving not only the skin and cartilage, but often also bone tissue. Given the localization and function, any mistake may lead to serious health problems for example breathing problems, etc.

Indications for rhinoplasty can be objective and subjective. In the first case, meaning the need to address congenital or post-traumatic/operational defects of the nose that form the negative aesthetic background or impede the normal performance of its physiological functions. Subjective factors include the desire of the person to change the shape of the nose for aesthetic reasons. In this dysfunction is not observed.

the surgery Itself may be open or closed method. The first case is a classic, gives an excellent overview of the surgical field and opportunities. Minus it is possible to consider the presence of scars, which, however, gradually tightened and disappear. In the closed mode of intervention all manipulations are carried out with access from the internal cavity of the nose. In this case, scars will not be visible at all, but the controls and manipulations are very limited in space.

How to choose a specialist?

From all the above we can infer: the skill of the doctor directly depends on the result of surgical intervention. Therefore, the process of selection - a highly challenging task. Unlike most plastic medical centers of the country, DECA Clinic welcomes the rating and word of mouth technologies determining the best specialist. Important for us the real experience and qualification, which are formed on the basis of education/specialization, the actual surgical experience, results and opinions of patients.

For us, reputation is important, but more important is the smiles and happy of the result of person patients. All this is achieved through years of experience, highest qualification, individual approach to solving problems. The cost of our services is on average of 120-180 thousand rubles, which is more than reasonable for Moscow. To contact the call centre clinic is possible through the website or contact number:

Deka Clinic
+7 (495) 665 90 52)

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