What is the fire (signal) cable?


Technical properties of these cables directly affect the effectiveness of a fire system. The use of fire not quality of the cable is the cause of frequent false alarms.


Main parameters of cable for fire alarm are:

  • capacity;
  • the resistance.

According to EU standards, these cables are made of high quality copper (without using additives). Reliable end termination of the cable is ensured by a foil shield.

today signal cables is a very popular product, since without their use it is impossible to build any 1 well highly effective security system. These cable are used in various branches of human activity where you need a fire or burglar alarm. Also used in communication systems, access control and management. Its special structure gives the ability to effectively resist various interference, which in turn, eliminates the occurrence of frequent false alarms.


Types of signal cables

There are a couple of varieties of types of fire cable that separate the ultimate purpose and design:

  • W cable. This product is geared towards fire safety and security systems;
  • Alarm Cable. In contrast to the W-cable, this product can be used not purely in the construction of burglar and fire alarms, as well as for the organization of control systems, communications and access control;
  • Cable J-Y. This product is used for the organization of control systems and access control, as well as in systems of fire alarm. The peculiarity of this cable is mandatory the presence of the screens that protect the signal from interference, which, in turn, create electrical appliances. This cable is suitable to be placed outdoors and indoors.

it Should be noted that all of these cable have a number of characteristics, parameters and properties that are directly necessary to take into account when choosing the cable, for those or other purposes.

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