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"Company EXERON", which appeared in result of merge of the companies "Deckel-Multiform" and "Herbert Walter GmBH", today provides its customers with many years of experience in technology development and manufacture of machines, which is embodied in vysokotekhnologichnoi equipment. Ongoing analysis of the needs of instrument manufacturers and other industries that use high-speed machining centers and EDM equipment, has enabled the firm "EXERON", to create a range of equipment that max meets production needs. The constant readiness of the company to solve any of the clients ' problem in the shortest possible time + exceptional German quality, they do "EXERON" world's best partner for equipment users.


piercing machines EDM series EDM-Line CNC

EDM is the destruction of the surface of a certain product directly under the influence of an electric discharge. Electrical discharge machining is used to change sizes of metal products (preparation of shaped cavities, holes of different shapes, grooves and profile of the grooves in the parts made of hard alloys, etc.). The product line of EDM machines, the company "EXERON" series EDM Line includes 6-t models with a fixed table. By the way, in Moscow Exeron can be purchased in the company Novatus .


technical specifications machine series EDM-Line:

  • On all axes-digital AC drives;
  • Bed is made of polymeric concrete;
  • To automatically optimize processing system is used Digispark;
  • Powerful CNC (on Windows OS);
  • positioning System equipped with optical lines;
  • System improved processing;
  • Rotary axis;
  • working current of the generator is 60/ 100;
  • Achievable roughness is Ra 0.1 µm;
  • accessories Hirschmann, Erowa, System 3R;
  • Automatic changer for electrodes;
  • the System of automatic temperature control of the dielectric.

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