When you urgently need an apostille on the birth certificate?

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Leaving abroad, it is difficult to predict all situations that may arise there. All residents of the Russian Federation very familiar features of the Russian bureaucratic system, but most of all, you should not rely on the Forbearance of foreign officials, because in the majority of cases in the securities of immigrants they belong to 2 VA times more severe. Therefore, in order to legalize their documents you should be required to put an apostille. Remember that haste is either thinking of the type "maybe lucky" are able to disrupt even the most grandiose plans. In 2 words: if you find that papers something goes wrong, then the ordinary citizen of the Russian Federation may not be released abroad.

For example, a huge number of adult citizens of the Russian Federation out in the table hastily hiding his own birth certificate, immediately after polyene passport. But experience shows that this document you may even be required in different situations. And travel abroad is no exception. It often happens that the birth certificate should, for example, in probate, since it gives an opportunity to establish family ties of the person with the testator. Also, if the citizens are going to travel abroad with the purpose of marriage, then they will also need a birth certificate, just past mandatory procedure. By the way, if you are a resident of Moscow and you need a followed by the apostille, it can be ordered in translation Lingvo Service .

Also, to legalize the birth certificate often have parents who travel outside of the Russian Federation with the child.


Basic details of apostille:

the 1st thing you need to clarify that there are a couple of options of legalization of birth certificate with apostille (a special stamp). For example, the apostille directly put on the notarized copy, original or translated, notarized, and filed notarized copies.

Apostille on the birth certificate can also be double. This means that initially put the apostille on the original document, then the copy, which, in turn, certifies the notary. And the last step is to positie transfer to the copy (the translation must be stamped by a notary and the apostille).

Since all of the above options is legal, it potomu better to specify separately in the body where it is necessary to provide a birth certificate, what kind of legalization he needs.

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