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Purchased or retail, this season or last, should meet modern trends, and at the appropriate level to perform its functions and purpose. To this headpiece is served properly, it requires a responsible approach to the choice. To preserve all the properties and qualities of hats - it is necessary to provide proper care, storage and maintenance. And that hat remained fashionable for many seasons of joy to you and others only care to use it isn't enough.

Over time fashion changes, new trends. To be stylish and look cool, it is necessary not only to update your wardrobe, to monitor the appearance on the market of new products, but also to try to be unique. After all, personal style is valued the most, but original stuff is at its peak.

Sometimes a hat or other item of clothing, have not lost their original characteristics, very fond of. With her never want to leave. In this case, you just need to add several parts and elements. And you have a new fashionable and original garment. This applies to a greater extent hats for the fairer sex.

How to update a hat:

  • Brooch.

the Most simple, but extremely effective way to decorate, to update and improve the headgear to attach the brooch. It is suitable in the case of headgear for women, or baby hats for girls. So you at least every day or several times a day can change the appearance of their caps quickly, simply and easily.

  • to Sew on buttons, gems, POM-poms.

Such manipulation can be done at the beginning of each season. So you will be able to vary the appearance of a headdress, and follow the modern trends in fashion, choosing the right color, style, size of the decorative elements.

  • Add embroidery, designs, or finished stripe.

To completely change the style and appearance of the hat, you can resort to hand embroidery or use the ready-made versions of the patches. It will completely change the product. You will actually receive a new and fashionable garment.

  • to Equip the cap with a tie, rubber band.

To not only make the hat fashionable, but also comfortable and practical, - can be added to the header of the ties or elastic bands. It will change its functionality, and the overall image.

  • to Tie or tuck the edge.

to avoid wasting effort, time, lack of creative ideas or materials, you can experiment with the shape of the cap, and method of wearing it. Many hats can be worn folded, bend, tie the ends, or to dissolve the region.

In the case of headdress for men, it is necessary to buy new hats for men wholesale.

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