What is important for the designer is the 3D visualization?

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Today, 3D visualization is part of any design project. It takes around 20 percent of the work on creation of design and its coordination. Next, we'll talk about the importance of visualization for interior designers and tell us about it the editor of the site 3dznaika.ru which, by the way, you can read .


the Role of imaging for the interior designer:

  • It helps the designer to create a high quality project because the design process takes place in a 3d space in real time;
  • It enables you to quickly align the idea with the customer and get his approval for further development of approved option;
  • It helps to avoid dissatisfaction of the customer with the final result and, as a result, unnecessary rework, and also contributes to understanding;
  • It helps to attract new customers (full set of project and designer's portfolio directly from the idea to its implementation);
  • It helps to facilitate communication with contractors, starting from suppliers and ending with the builders, because it eliminates the need to explain certain features that is obvious on the basis of the 3D image.

the better and fuller will be done in the visualization, the faster and easier it will be to coordinate it with the customer, as it is reliable in natural light, the right materials and textures to show all the important did, and also to show the light in different positions and modes, the right way to develop a lighting design, emphasizing the solemn outline or script.

This submission best illustrates the work of the designer that is the result of that, the customer directly pays your money. In addition it is possible to show the object with different light, from different angles, display the time of day. All of that will be paid by the customer and what they want the designer himself. For example, to feel that is to feel the client, early in the morning while having Breakfast in the kitchen or meeting the sunset in the veranda or on the balcony. All this is possible to simulate with 95% confidence, if only to set the goal.


In the design project, the rendering can be of 2 types:

  • draft (used for sequential matching, object);
  • the final (it makes very accurate parts, drawings and dimensions).

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