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If you dream about thick, fresh and beautiful the grass, then you need to know what to order, so your lawn was well-groomed and had always a great view - you have to put a lot of effort. Though the grass grows alone, still it is necessary to feed and care for her. If you will often to mow the grass and do not make a special , then it will begin to grow worse, it will look not so fresh, the color will be paler and she lost density. But if you are going to mow, the lawn starts to grow unevenly and vtaptyvaetsya. In order not, fertilizer can be applied.


What kind of fertilizer is best to choose?

Now to find a suitable fertilizer for a lawn is not difficult. In various shops on the care of plants available a great selection of different dressings.

Initially, you need to pay attention on the ingredients - it should contain all the necessary nutrients: trace minerals (Fe - iron, MgO - magnesium oxide, Mn - manganese B - boron Cu - copper, Zn - zinc Mo - molybdenum Co - carbon monoxide) and macroelements (K - potassium, P - phosphorus, N - nitrogen).

  • trace elements ensure the health of the grass for a long time, as well as contribute to its bright color;
  • Potassium will help the plant to survive the lack of watering;
  • Phosphorus is involved in root system development;
  • the Nitrogen ensures green grass and encourages growth.

How to feed the lawn correctly?

Granules need to sprinkle in not over-dried, slightly damp earth. Ideally, if you make it directly before watering or rain. This can be done manually (only do it in gloves) or with the help of drills, walking initially in the 1st direction, and then (for uniform upsetting of grass) - 2nd time in a perpendicular direction. We need to determine what amount of fertilizer should be spread on 1 m2 and start from there.

For the season spring-summer, fertilize lawn should be 2-3 times since April. But in September - October the lawn should be fed in autumn fertilizer with reduced content of N. This will give the opportunity to prepare the lawn for winter, while not stimulating its growth.

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