Features of the TM pumps "Vodoley"


Today many villas and plots for construction are very far from the General line of supply. And who knows when it will fail, and fail if it did. In this case, the revenue we receive borehole deep pump.

today, their selection is huge and the people who in technical matters little that I understand, to determine going to be very difficult because you will need to consider certain points. 1-in of the brightest representatives of deep well pumps is Aquarius . With it you can ensure the supply of clean, cold water from wells, boreholes, various cisterns and tanks.


What kind of pump?

Aquarius is a submersible centrifugal domestic pump. Due to continuous operation for 10 years and low power consumption in its category this pump occupies the leading places. Produces this product Kharkiv plant of Promelektro . You can buy the Motor which is of. dealer Promelektro plant .


"+" pumps Aquarius

  • Reliable motor;
  • the Transfer of power surges;
  • As the main components (pump casing is composed of brass, stainless steel, high impact plastic);
  • a separate remote Condenser unit, which is included in the kit;
  • high-Quality, full factory lubrication of the bearings and other friction parts;
  • you can use the cord to full length;
  • Pumping element, which is represented by multi-stage series consisting of six impellers made of plastic with a floating gap.

But remember that the pump cannot pump water that contains solid particles.

year after Year the fame of this types of pumps increases more and more. And for good reason:

  • the kit includes: wire rope, cable and the starter;
  • on those. har-Kam the pump is the leader in the CIS countries;
  • by design this product is not inferior to the world analogues;
  • all materials which are applicable in the manufacture of this pump - made in Germany;
  • in comparison with European counterparts, there is provided a voltage deviation of 10% of par;
  • built-in thermal protection is a guarantee that the pump will run for 10 years without repair.


the basis for the popularity of TM pumps Aquarius are: durability, quality, reliability and high efficiency. A slight disadvantage of this device is that it is noisy. However, this noise used to it very quickly and afterwards simply do not notice.

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