What are the varieties of solar panels?


it Is the time when nature began to beg , to ask and to demand that the person that he listened to her. The depletion of natural resources, the pollution of the external environment (especially the oceans, seas and rivers), the global disasters and catastrophes, global warming, the nuclear threat all this is the result of intensive human activities. That's why people need to think about alternative energy sources, 1 of which is the sun.

Solar battery is a device that can help to transform the sun's energy into electric current. By the way, in Ukraine you can buy in the online store: vir-electric.com.ua.


Kinds of solar panels:

  • thin-film;
  • single-crystal;
  • polycrystalline.

thin-film. This is the cheapest kind of solar panels, representing a stretched film, which has the ability to set where you will only want. The variety of solar panels is absolutely not afraid of dust. Under adverse weather conditions or cloud cover, the efficiency of such batteries is reduced only by 15 - 20 %. The main "-" of such batteries is that their robots need a huge area.

Monocrystalline. The variety of solar panels is the most popular among consumers. This battery consists of 36 silicon cells. Getting on these cells, sunlight is converted into electricity through the photovoltaic effect. These solar panels mounted on vehicles, power pumps and in those places where a lot of Sunny days. They can be mounted as on the side of the house and on the roof. These batteries are compact, lightweight, durable, easy to install, reliable and flexible. The main "-" of such batteries is that even a relatively small cloud is able to block their operation, i.e. for operation of the battery required the direct rays of the sun.

Polycrystalline. The variety of solar panels is a cheaper alternative to monocrystalline. Crystals in such batteries have different orientation and shape, as well as a bright blue color. They are used for lighting houses, residential houses, schools, hospitals, parks and streets. In addition they are able to provide gas and oil energy. Also, they are often used to charge laptops and mobile phones.



Remember, using alternative sources of energy, man saves natural resources and saves his own life from the future inevitable death.

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