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every man at least once in your life there is a desire to change everything. It concerns the situation of surrounding objects, especially furniture. In principle this is logical, because periodically we change your wardrobe, do not go constantly in one and the same, and why-in relation to furniture, we behave differently? Bought and placed once and all!

Perhaps this is due to the financial situation, and perhaps with the habit. But still a time when you want to change all comes around, we're doing repairs in the apartment, dramatically changing the color, design and furniture. This is especially true for the kitchen. After all, the kitchen aggressive environment, and under the influence of the furniture is in disrepair. And if you had ordinary chairs or stools, why not try the couch or a sofa?

Very often the furniture is not practiced in the kitchen, because the area of the kitchen is too small. But today, this problem is easily solved. Our industry offers a huge selection of kitchen sofas are different in their size and price. But if you don't find the right ready kitchen sofa, you can always order it according to individual sizes and colors. By the way, you can do this here: .

when Ordering furniture on the individual sizes, you get an exclusive model in a single copy and not run the risk to see the same couch in the kitchen of a neighbor. If you are lucky and you are the owner of a luxury apartment in a new building, the dimensions of your kitchen allow you to put a large sofa sleeper. It is very convenient, especially if you have guests that stayed the night. Sofas sleeper are angular and straight.

Choosing a sofa sleeper, you will get a comfortable place in the kitchen and if necessary a full bed. There are sofas, which are disassembled be the size of a double bed.

A company specializing in the manufacture of furniture, have a staff of a professional designer. Ordering furniture in this firm to your house and coming designer, who assesses the situation at the location, taking into account all your wishes designs soft kitchen furniture, which organically fit into the design of your kitchen and will not look ridiculous on the background of the view.

One of these firms is the design Studio of Askalon . In the manufacture of furniture the company Askalon prefer only natural wood and uses environmentally friendly materials. Buying kitchen sofa in the company of Ascalon you get the sofa high quality and durable in design, versatile, durable and environmental.

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