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ninny nebezpecne hour whether Yak lyudin Baja accuvote myself Hoch troch zahistu in yakih zahodna gitta situations. A Yak tsogo dosage? In principle, it is possible ninety wlasnego ohorontsya ABO newt podna group of people. Ale de Groshi take on podno risks?! Not every person of Mauger sobi TSE dozvoliti.

Ale rsena ye. Wchen I tehni winiso nedorogo weapon for Samooborona - elektroshoker, that is us, zachistit, I koshtuvati VIN bude nabagato deshevshe receptionists. By the way, Yak to do elektroshoker svoimi hands you can procitati on Sait: .

the Usage of elektroshoker when contact s Ob ctom vpliva disposable vivocity ostannyoho z tune for terms from 1 to 30 minute (TSE neruhomist this means z vastly svidomih active di) after, Yak bude viscano electroshocker.

Elektroshoker - TSE device of probleni s vikoristannyam high technologies in for osobiste samooborone. Zgidno iz law of such device can zastosovuyutsya civilnim persons in rol zbro? samooborony for vastnet special permitted. This means TSE, scho whether yaky-the citizen of the Russian Federation, that of dosag 18-rongo VCU, got the povna right pridbati, I didst use electroshocker without LANs restrac. Nevelik rosmi I Mala Vaga, give it mozliwosci has electroshoker in kichen ABO W at inochi sumacs.

Wbudowana batteries viscacha nevertheless than 200 ciclu (such as a charge / book:). The number of rozryadu elektroshoker Ter not less than 300, this means TSE, scho Taka model rosehaven more than 60,000 rozryadu! Yak known that ZANU batteries need, provoditi lachey after 5-6 ronago zastosuvannya. In order dwellers povnistyu, zaradite ABO dataradio batteries, it vkljuciti electroshocker (thus light up Chervoniy indicator), the next vstaviti cord in GNSO, outquote plug it into the socket. Terms pawno charging from merezhi, for example, sminole the Struma 220 volt stock 6 - 8 hours, and the precharge vdbase lachey for 1 hour.


# 3 Waranty trivalent the book::

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  • trevali.

Short book: (becoming 0.5-1 sec). He Patran for walcowane naadutaro, VIN Velika from Demba saracennia m ASV, which deprives and takozh Yogo there is a will to do povtornyi napad.

Mid-class senior degree (becoming 1-3 seconds). He miklica from the person sodomy, strong BL, to bring down naparnika s ng I navti perform to coralcasino vtrati control Outpost.

Trivaly the book:
(treva 3-5 seconds). In this case vdbase vtrata svidomosti ABO newt nerohome sokovi mill, wherein the lethal CNCA not Buda! Grown case of nervoua zakoncheny - TSE shiya, back, and inguinal region also I m groudn yahzee. Hoch elektroshoker I can't lead to a fatal result, Yogo necessary sbergami pedal from parenting, watnik zhinok I vajko hvorih people.

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