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Landing page is the web page on the domain or subdomain in the format CSS/html or any other. Its main goal is to target the action of man that it came in (application form, phone call, purchase, subscription, etc.).


How to distinguish a landing page from a regular web page?

this page is not complex navigation, too many words, unnecessary menus and flashing banners.

In the global web You probably did various names landing capture page, one-page site, landing page, landing page, landing, landing, landing page, etc.

This tool gives you the opportunity to sell various goods and services at ten-thirty percent more efficient than online store or a normal website.


History Landing page?

Landing were invented the Internet marketers somewhere around 10 years ago in the United States. So, once they realized that the market is increasing competition, online stores and web sites become better and better, and the potential customer becomes more and more difficult to understand which company is better.

thanks to fierce market competition and created this web site as landing page. And today is a market necessity, not a fashion statement. Now there are a huge number of landing pages with high conversion rate and apparently, their number will only grow.


is suitable for landing page:

  • Companies promoting expensive or unique product;
  • Companies;
  • Companies that sell different products and services;
  • Wholesale firms;
  • MLM leaders;
  • Bowcam;
  • the Sellers of training programs;
  • Infobusiness.

in fact, landing page suitable for search engine promotion for almost any service or product.


As has been vysheskazannoe, the purpose of this page consists in the fact, that there was target action:

  • to Obtain a free consultation;
  • Download price ;
  • to Count for something;
  • product;
  • to Book a place ;
  • to participate in the action ;
  • subscribe to newsletter, etc.

There are 4-ri of the variety of landing pages:

  • Short landing page;
  • Long landing page;
  • Two steps landing page;
  • One step landing page.

essentially, a landing page is a separate mini-site that may be not even associated with the project. Landing can be Autonomous.

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