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your Own beach house with its picturesque scenery, surrounded by a lush garden with their own fruits and vegetables is the perfect venue for an unforgettable vacation. In order to achieve your dream, you need to buy a cottage or garden house. About the latter we will discuss in our article.


Giving vs garden house

Many people often confuse the well-known villas and . And that's not surprising, since these 2 Islands of the object is almost the same. But still they have some fundamental differences:

  1. a Country called the country a structure in which one lives only in summer, but in winter, the cottage is empty. And garden house, in turn, is only suitable for a single overnight stays or for keeping inventory of a country;
  2. the cottages can be conducted in the following communications (water, electricity, gas, etc.), but garden house is deprived of all this, perhaps, an exception may be electricity;
  3. the Cottages are built of various materials (wood frame, concrete blocks, bricks and other materials), and garden house, in turn built mostly of wood - like raised panel houses (this is the structure of flat elements, which consist of reinforcing sheathing and supporting frame).

So that we can come to the conclusion that the cottage is more comfortable and has a property than garden house.


When the first garden houses

1st garden house appeared under the ruler Peter the 1st. This house resembled a manor, which the king gave the most distinguished citizen.

And in Russia the 1st country towns appeared under SPb. In the XIX century became a popular trend to leave their urban home in the summer and go to rustic garden houses, in order to farm. But in the Soviet Union, the country house began to build somewhere in 1930, when the ruble was built somewhere around 100-no villas that have been designed for employees of state agencies. These cottages was a plywood house, with an area of 16 m2. They had a 2nd room in the 1st room used for cooking and in the 2nd bedroom.

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