Why ceramics today has become very popular?


Today dentistry is actively developing the use of ceramic technology namely, crowns made of zirconium dioxide. It is worth remembering that metal appeared only 30 years ago, but today it is within the practice of each dentist and dental technician. However, the demands of patients for esthetics and quality of dental prosthetics also increased significantly. Patients want not "crown was almost like teeth", and "that crowns could not be distinguished from real teeth." This is the main stimulus for the development and use of metal-free ceramics.


What is ceramics?

ceramics - a modern view of ceramics used in dentistry of the 21st century! The technology of this ceramic was developed in the eighties of the last century, but only now, thanks to a severe long-term developments and complex trials, this technology has been completed. By the way, the more information you can read on our site: .

Today's all-ceramic technology allow you to create the aesthetics of such high quality that distinguish the real teeth from dentures is almost impossible. Even just ten years ago these thoughts were a major reason for failure of a physician from metal-free ceramics. First of all, due to lack of awareness of specialists and a large conservatism in many views. Today metal-free technology has reached great heights and with confidence we can say: metal-free design almost completely replace metallokeramika.



the Desire of patients to obtain in the process of prosthetics is no ordinary crowns, which are similar to teeth, and teeth that will not be different from their own, led many dentists to turn to technology metal-free ceramics. Thanks to discoveries in the field of chemistry, has now become perfectly possible to tie into one of the ceramic restoration and the tissue of a natural tooth. This has created a strong demand for ceramics.

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