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Modern society moves forward at a fast pace. There are many new technologies and the latest equipment. No exception - the branch of medicine. At the same time, people on the functions of the new medical equipment is not much known. In particular, the often ask about MRI. So today we learn in greater detail what it is.

an MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is the latest achievement of medicine in the field of diagnostics, which helps to see the internal organs and tissues in thin slices.


Required anesthesia for MRI examination?

the Need for anesthesia due to ​​the fact that when the MRI diagnosis is necessary that the patient not move. Small children usually can't vylezat a long time, not moving - especially in a closed MRI scanner, but in the Medical center "MRI diagnosis" on an open MRI scanner children feel comfortable and trouble-free are examined. By the way, about the MRI you can also find on the website: https://интересные-факты-про.com.


is Not the problem of excess weight MRI examination?

Yes, but only when examined in the MRI of the closed type, which has the form of a closed pipe. Because, for example, if you weigh more than 100 pounds, you're not going to fit. But the apparatus of the open type gives the opportunity to examine obese people.


What diseases MRI helps to diagnose?

MRI diagnose conditions in virtually all branches of medicine. The most widely used in the detection of diseases of the brain (including multiple sclerosis, cancer, strokes, congenital and acquired defects of the brain), spine (including osteochondrosis, spondylosis, disk pathology, tumors of the spinal cord), joints ( e.g. arthrosis, arthritis, bone tumors, ligament), as well as the endocrine system (for pituitary disease, thyroid, ENT and gynecology.

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