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Bakery production boobpreview the attention of many potential investors in the beginning of the first reforms in Ukraine. Their motives are usually boiled down to confidence in a stable demand for bakery products and to the fact that large government bakeries will give way to private mini-bakeries. Part of their predictions have come true, as many public bakeries for different reasons, ceased to exist in the 1990s.

However, the mini-bakeries were not a full replacement for large enterprises, but rather they were able to capture market share in large enterprises, who, however, after the privatization and modernization went on the offensive and in many regions have been able to regain its position in the market. Mini bakeries have a chance for success and where you are modernized bakeries, focused on the mass production and relatively inexpensive varieties of bread, and where the old bakeries have not had time to regain once lost. By the way, if you are interested in business training, you will help the business school KROK. As reported , she is one of the leading commercial universities of Ukraine's history and reputation.


What can you bake?

Bakery products - a fairly broad concept, under which usually refers to bread, Batoni and baked goods. In addition, bread is divided by types of flour, of which they are preferably baked - on wheat, wheat-rye and rye. The latter made little, mainly in Ukraine consume wheat and wheat-rye bread. Additionally, breads are divided into two types according to the technology of baking - pan and hearth. Tin bread baked in an oven in the forms and it is similar to the brick, and the hearth - the hearth, it has a round or oval shape.

aside butter products, whose formula involves the use of large amounts of butter, sugar, eggs. Among consumers from different regions of Ukraine and different preferences: some like more molded type of bread, and some hearth, and the same for butter products, wheat and wheat-rye breads. In addition, you should know that any recipe for baked goods for industrial use to bake not only according to the recipes approved by state standards or technical conditions.

Business school KROK is part of one of the leading commercial universities of Ukraine's history and reputation.

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