How to learn to sing beautifully?

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There is an opinion that can sing only those people to whom it was given from above. This really is the truth. But we must not forget that people without natural abilities can learn to sing well, and people who initially had a good voice - you can easily lose this gift. The latter often occurs in case if people forget about the special exercises that strengthen the voice and learn how to properly apply the sound, breathe, etc.

Question: "How to develop your voice?" - interested in very many people. And to answer it we try Diana Sharapova - founder of the same name .

Anyone in the circle of friends can sing a song, so he was asked to sing an encore. He who tries anyway, sooner or later, may not achieve the heights, but a decent result. If we talk about how you can develop your voice for singing, special attention here should be paid to articulation, flow of sound and breath, without which good singing is simply impossible. Do not think that you have to be all at once - will have to work very much.



Your breath needs to be lightning fast, stremitelnye in at the same time is completely silent. Almost all people, never taking voice lessons, when you inhale try to gather a full breast of air. How do you think the result is? They just start to choke during the singing. Remember: when you inhale should bloat your stomach and chest should remain stationary.


How to put vote?

Here you can use different exercises:

  • Exercise # 1. You need to get up to the wall, put hands on belly, sharply and deeply inhale nose. While the stomach is pushed forward. Then slowly exhale Roth, and the arm together with the belly falls;
  • Exercise # 2. You need to go to the mirror and begin to pronounce the vowels, while moving his lips and opening the mouth maximally. Initially all this may seem very funny, but this exercise is very useful.


in Order to sing well we need at least some kind of a hearing. But what if you don't have it? No need to worry, because it is really to develop it. Initially, it is necessary to learn to listen to what you sing. Also to develop hearing, you can with singing intervals, chords and scales.

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