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vicodan accno obrobki the great znachennya got verbnoun, powerone, newerlive STN TSE ABO stele. GpsOne machine plaster predstavlja him gust, a paste for obrobki RSNA, PowerOn: STN, STEL. Naneseniya plaster machine way peredacha usage of specjalnych dry stukatura sumsa. TSI sums toil spetsialni vladivost: not stink stkout for STN, however Tecuci freely through the hose, toil vdmn mcnasty - adhesion. Note takozh, scho Dan sums, nabagato Pauline shoplots, Oskolki in order dwellers verbnet plaster, neophane great resource hour. For example, frmi plaster Knauf MP-75 shoplots, about 3 hours, in one hour Yak analogon behind a warehouse of plaster for manual naneseniya tverdotel for 2 years, max of 2.5. By the way, in CIV, semovita mashinno plaster VI can sit: .


Naneseniya plaster STO

Yakie principle of work when the machine nanesen plaster? Truncated dosit tumble - special machine naked plaster STO, and next shtukaturu versnelt be called a few more coats of the solution on STN. The same rank produktivnosti Pratsi zrost, nawt in a small scale - the scale of an apartment. VDDIO scho produktivnosti machine for plaster of becoming 1.2 m3 in years.

of Course, not NSA Mauger, garantovati good result, nawt, although NavNet nissassa aparatu for oshtukaturivanija machine (mechanim) method. There are many scho zaleite from pravilno technology Shtukaturova. Pasinati of work necessary s Viru, krivizny STN, next it should be ustanoviti Kotov prowl on towns Kuty of I beacons-Naryn (vikonannya addition zavdannya You will need riven, all the better, yakscho VIN bude lazerniy).

For the ear processes the work unit, Yogo should be paklausyti to Dzherela, water supply and electric. The mid shtukaturno cars need seipati ground to shtukaturno Sumish. Yakscho pid hand no Mistral water supply - nichogo terrible, Oskolki blesst these machines zabezpieczen specjalnym pump is able podavati water s whether ACO most. Next for relief Paducah auger, shtukatury the solution purple in smuschalo chamber tion Camer smusa Sumish s water. Process yde postijno, to the solution, it turns odnory, as a consequence, quality sums srota. To msca bezposredni Robit the solution purple rosscinema on the sleeve (hose). The solution is applied rvym ball on the entire area of surface, the Yak requires obnoviti.

Vzagali something perevahy dano technology will vdotn vzhe on this Etap. Robtica lachey need postijno, stheiti dwellers Sumish, electric water I always Buli in NavNet, and after pagacova procedures next, stheiti dwellers raspodela on the solution surface, z verbnoun away.


Pros machine plaster:

  • Productivity. The great advantage of technology ? great produktivnosti Pratsi - balloon plaster be applied on the large surface in a short promark hour. STN, wide more runow, scho duzhe it's important for podalshe of work. When vicorian gpsOne plaster Your STA, vide more runow , smooth, ie won't potrebujete dodatkovo, shpaklovani. You can vdras Sakhnova robot fsnau obrobka - hanging tapestries, farbovanyy... gpsOne wherein the surface sohna vsogo 3-5 days;
  • No shrinkage plaster. GpsOne Sumish no shrinkage, ie no neophot of TURBOMATIC about those scho after viciana surface mozhut z to will reveal Trin. The surface can be without obowang virunvee fnnk ball, yakscho TSE of course necessary;
  • Mcnasty. In the surface z GPS can zapiwati cwahi (for paintings, godinniki) - plaster thus not obselete. Moreover, GPS dosit easy, and Yogo mozhna to use for verbnoun STEL ABO whether yakih NSIH horizontal, PowerOn;
  • Vitrata sums. It should be skazati, scho duzhe gpaw sums economy. So, h of bitrate 2 Razi smaller cement-pwani odni when I tie the same cousin ball. Tobto gpslim solution VI obrebie 2-3 Razi bilshe plow, wherein Vaga GPS smaller 2.5 Razi scho digit, polegshie the robot. Also, gpsu sums duzhe ruhlig I plasticn in Parveen z Timmy W cementnyj roscini;
  • Mcrocket. Plaster z - GPA of poristym material. This means TSE, scho Mauger, STA dihati, ie vnutri CLIMAT primmest bude zbilansowana. If humidity have Washi quarter pcvista, gpav the surface of wbere a lessons to Vologda, and yakscho mcrocket the mill dry, GPS vddate the Vologda ago;
  • Sound thermal insulation I. When vicorian gpsOne plaster acoustic and thermal insulation duzhe visok, AJ coefcient zvukoprovodnost I have teploprovodnost GPS, nisiki. Plus , I those scho GPS Teply on dotik, ie newt, vzimku vashi STN not holodnymi;
  • Magnesite. Moreover, pid hour pages gpaw STN Ter dopomozhut, GPS not patrimo hornny I fire not at bude responsecontains primen;
  • Full. When vicorian hesova Roschino with machine sposob oshtukaturivanie of bitrate the solution niece in Serenoa 40 %, in Parveen W rocznym way. Wherein swidth vikonannya Robit on shtukatur zblast ere 4 Razi. So, for smo can obstaetric 100-200 m 2, to the hour Yak, ruchnym way vsogo 25 m 2. The great advantage , the fact scho at vicorian hesova sumsa, next no neophot in suverennomu shpaklovani, AJ Tsey point, dosit long and expensive.


GPS, nabagato zruchny, Hoch, cementniy the solution deshevshe. GPS story, nabagato more accne pokrittya, and a more prosperous atmosphere Seredin VASO Osel. To vsogo tsogo Mauger GPS coordinate humidity, got vdmn sound I teplosila. Z ostannim pokajnica cement materials, spravlyayutsya grse. Machine method naneseniya plaster, showedit an hour I safely VDB TSA on quality Babluani surface.

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