How you can age a tree?

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Last time in the interiors and furniture in fashion includes the use of aged wood, since even the most cheap and simple wooden furniture will look expensive and stylish after artificial aging. In this article we consider 1-in of methods in order .

In nature, the tree grows old under the influence: rain, wind, sun and other phenomena. This process is very long time. We consider the artificial aging of wood, which greatly accelerate and improve the final result. The entire work consists of 2 stages: painting paint and lacquers, as well as mechanical wood processing (removal of soft fibers slight damage).

in Order to age the tree, we will need:

  • circular brush;
  • roller or brush;
  • a stiff brush, metal;
  • Polish;
  • the translucent azure of the Belinsky library;
  • white Prussian blue the Belinsky library;
  • a big sponge.

Removing soft fibers with subsequent painting

to Artificially age the wood you can with a stiff brush, which directly need to remove the soft fibers of wood and, thereby, to create this relief, whose line will enhance the future appearance of the tree.

Previously the wood surface should be sanded, and then process it along the grain or manual metal circular brush. As a result of this manipulation of the surface of the wood removed soft fibers.

Sawdust is removed using a special brush with soft bristles.

In the result tree instantly changes its appearance, takes on a contrasting color (which emphasizes painting in 2-layer Islands) and beautiful relief.

color used For the translucent blue of the Belinsky library (it is applied with a roller or brush to the cleaned surface).

eventually, the tree will have a very attractive appearance.

After a couple of minutes to take the sponge and gently remove the layer of blue, eventually the surface of the wood gets relief. If the color of aged wood you like, then you certainly can leave the surface in this form, previously covering it with clear lacquer.

If you have the desire to add color style a La Provence, then on top of 1st layer should be applied 1-in a very thin layer of white of blue of the Belinsky library.

a few minutes Later, the sponge will need to be carefully removed fresh Lazur, in the end, we get weathered bleached wood. Then when the icing dries, you can cover the surface with varnish with the same basis, that is the sky, or to impose a 1-in layer of translucent blue of the Belinsky library.

This method of aging the wood is just perfect for beams and other elements of wooden structures.

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