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As reported, in Kyiv was held the exhibition of Museum-couture . Her exhibition was comprised of works from the Museum's collection and 26 copyright reconstructions of the costumes of the 14th - beginning of the 20th century, the design Studio 10th Kingdom , stitched tailored sewing techniques and authentic cut. Some of them reproduce the outfits of the paintings of the Museum.

In the luxurious interiors of the old mansion, surrounded by classic works of art has some very unusual guests - ladies and gentlemen in suits of the XIV-XX centuries. Seven years ago, I went on historical dances and I needed an appropriate costume for events, but in Ukraine it is very difficult to find someone who could sew. I had to look for information and learn the history of fashion, sewing their own, - said the designer of the Tenth Kingdom Ekaterina Lyashenko. During this time, had made more than a hundred suits, to order, and also for the theatre of historical dance Al'entrada. We have, between the theatre and Museum were joint projects, this time I offered to make a separate exhibit of historical costume. When creating reconstructions were based mainly on paintings from different museums, using one or several images. I want to introduce the history of fashion others, so that people could see firsthand what was fashionable at different periods, as the fashion had changed, and the difference between, for example, the Rococo from the Baroque . According to her, the most difficult is to find the right materials, which are of course different from the then.

Visitors can consider the outfits of the middle ages - male and female Burgundy and heraldic costumes, armor rider, as well as the outfits of the Renaissance, when the fashion was set by Italy (the Venetians, d?rer with the ladies), and then Spain. In the XVII-XVIII centuries the trendsetter was France, this Baroque (the Duke of Buckingham with two ladies) and Rococo. But the nineteenth century is represented by the Empire style, bustle, art Nouveau and Victorian style. There are also military. My favorite costume - dress of Queen Elizabeth the end of the XVI century, - says Ekaterina Lyashenko. It is inherent in the narrow bodice that makes the waist slim, big collars and decor, which would distract attention from the face . To dress or undress, the Queen needed as much for two ladies. What are the elements of this toilet, the pictures show on the ground floor.

the Museum staff to a joint project carried out the whole study individual works of the Museum, paying attention to the costumes. In some places it has even helped re-attribute the work. For example, the famous portrait of the Infanta Margarita of Austria (the same image in full size in Madrid is the Prado Museum) could not belong to the hand of Diego vel?zquez. In the year of her engagement, which made the dress of grandepunto , the artist has already left this world, and the painting, probably written by his disciple Juan Batista mart?nez del Maso. There were some exhibits, when, thanks to the Dating of the costumes, the details of the toilet were installed and the exact date of the writing of the portrait, said the co - curator of the exhibition Alexander Sikorska. Many of the terms we had to translate from modern foreign studies, Ukrainian because there was no match. Also on the ground floor specifically for the project, we presented several works from the Museum funds of the respective countries and eras of costumes . During the exhibition is planned to organize lectures and curatorial tours, and it will end with a solemn closing ceremony with cognitive performance.

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