Overview Android TV Boxing MK808B Plus


Only allowed to continue for 12 months medapharm on bus operatino system Android zrobili great Stribog in svom development. Orignally the MK808B pracoval not Yak Shvydko, wants, that on Yom SMU pryishov new mini mini-PC . This mashines on zasnovani chetyrehjadernogo chip AmlogicM805 W graphy Mali-450, scho pratsyuє pid UPRAVLINNYA Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The more potezny I got aparato support the H. 265 video format on there are many ccasi than its poperedni. Dodajte addition to support DLNA, Miracast, wbudowany wi-fi the Bluetooth 4.0.


What's new?

Dolan Patrika viznachennya vidcast Wi-fi;
Dolan Patrika hi10p;
Dolan Patrica technology iOS 7 Airplay;
Dolan Patrika viznachennya produktivnost SD card;
Dolan Patrika vvedennya information about USB HDD.


Technon specific:

GPU: Quad-Core Mali-450 GPU;
CPU: Amlogic M805 Quad-Core 1.5 G (Cortex-A5);
Winchester: 8 GB NAND flash, and also Patrika at memory cards microSD up to 32GB;
Bezdrotove interface: 802.11 b / g / nWi-Fi (wbudowana antenna) and Bluetooth 4.0.
Audio / Video Output: mini HDMI 1.4 b;
USB: 1x USB 2.0 host port, 1x mini USB raz'em the electric power supply, 1x mini USB OTG port;
Block the electric power supply: 5V 2A.


That upabout?

MK808B Parveen ABO Yogo clones, MK808B Plus has analogno equipment. On carobs now zaznachene Patrika Novo vers Android KitKat, 1080p vdavid, Patrica decouvre I. H. 265 quad-core chpset. Seredin box to znahoditsya nastupnoho package contents: Mini HDMI to HDMI cable, 5v 2a power unit, electric power supply, Micro USB OTG cable, Micro USB cable, electric power supply, management by exploits English language.

MK808B Plus has in all Complect neophane for the cob Yogo exploits. You lachey to sadovitsa the divice for integral - USB Misha or keyboard, Totowa or cordless. Troch sasacilo those, what HDMI cable I sdasa zagorodni so Yak madapter not estetichno svishev sboku Telesur.


Sunny wyglad

After vgcreate packaging Bulo can see that MK808B Plus vicerector of almost the same case I Yak Yogo poperedni - MK808B. Vdbnext is only in the first corpus written on the labels. The divice has prekrasne gumowe pokrittya the Soft Touch, the music of Yak sprimalima to the touch, porwnanie s case Nexus 7.

the Divice is very easy. Nestlike, scho Yogo love you can poravnati s Vaga cable Yakima he paklausa to Telesur. Using TSE with namahamu vpliv he SMMU place location. Then zavdyaki this and malim his size he duzhe, zruchni for perenosenna. Faktychno Qiu multimedia console can take W itself, where zavodna, just poklevki in the iron chain of the Yak stick. Perhaps Dana osoblivosti sacrafice people, that often podorozhayut.

SLA from znahoditsya will attach to the mini USB port for pdclean the first electric power supply povorotny USB port, which is designed for pdclean different USB controllers for keruvannya pristrom - MIS, clavature, ABO towns nakopychuval. The front will attach to znahoditsya slot pdclean at microSD memory card W patrickou at memory cards up to 32Gb. Devel m mini HDMI to znahoditsya szado. Sboku to znahoditsya mini USB OTG port, which dozvola paklauti RSN device has to madapura. TSE da mozliwosci to use odnochasno, two USB device has integral, for example a Teddy bear keyboard the ABO paklauti Sunny nakopychuval information.

castin the rear will attach you can see two small open one with them - indicator, which swetits sinm when vkluchen will attach. In another znahoditsya button skidanja, Yak dozvola otrymaty access to avantajoasa and onalenna firmware.

Can statisa strucnim, that device has on, no button, electric power supply. Actually he vkluchaetsia automatically after pdclean Yogo Dzherela to the electric power supply. Wincote W Yogo mozhna software ABO for DOPOMOGA claws mapulator, yakscho Taka Gogo ye. Process pershoho vkljucena triva 35 seconds after choho the divice automatically ustanovil to expand to the 1080p screen. On device has already stably processdata firmware vers 107k4, that dozvola Domotica high rvna produktivnost from a TV-tuner.


Nterfac I ustanovlen dodatki

At the start startu speculatory launcher. In which the functionality of rozbity by categories. One of the z elements which mi range not sustrai is Clean Memory - memory ocimene at. Marvelous, but from the start , not Bulo Patna osoblivi polpen Deputy head in the apparatus.

with the help in the transition menu nilestown can otrymaty access to scientists interface elements. When Bagan launcher can otkluchit I go to standard robochohat table Android. The divice has poperednii ustanovlen Netfix, Google Play, Youtube, and other Standart programs neohd for poczatkowego madapura, and also a couple of vstanovlenih Igor.


Vdvoine media content

To test vdvoine video mi vykarystouvac Antutu's Video Tester 2.2. TL programa zapuska klika filv W rsname codecs and then vivodit results.

For once produktivnost I'm running clka tests. In AnTuTu my typing 16748 ball, what is the result of Ganim to attach dano znova category.

Epic Citadel FPS showing 23.6 fps at 1080p rozdeleni statnet, scho Ter ? neopaganism the feature.

Nenamark 2 says of 37.3 fps.

High temperature , a peregr castime attributes pristrom podbrege class, the one on Prots declick Godin mi ran tests that duty visoke navantazhennya, have played in igri and divisa video. In result my PDR troch heat to the touch.



For testowania grove produktivnost mi ustanovili 3 Gris: Running Fred, Angry Birds, Beach Buggy Blitz. The 2D grah the divice pratsyuє without narcan. Productivity in regim 3D viabilise not nestlike vajayjay. Running Fred pracoval stable lachey sometimes slegka viagrauci maleport of Rebecca pictures. Beach Buggy Blitz showing yourself nacse. Mi smogli dosage stable chastoty kadru only when zmenshennya quality grafti. However ohledu on znowu device has a category, the result is not such vzhe th Pagani.


Produktivnosti Wi-fi

initially the company produced in pdclean to Bezdrotova merezhi swidth peredach Dana constituted only ' 5Mbps. However using cool game hour of work sroka up to 26Mbps. Maximum propuska statstg dosage 64Mbps. Priya level signal Protas only testowania zalishivsya stably.

For testowania vidcast mi vykarystouvac Wi-Fi Speed ​​Test for peredach the file razmerom 100 MB. Swidth zakochana viabilise 5.4 Mbps, and shvidki skasuvannya 4.5 Mbps. Important is worth noting, that shvidki Wi-Fi z the Union zaleite from many factors, for example, from nayavnost have ever played., paternost Dzherela signal, naprugi in merezhi, swidth peredach danych you may be NSA.



Us dosite Brazil this the divice svoimi mozhlivost, especially when stablen h Yogo Varstu. A fact he Nada powinni access to the Internet, dozvola Watergate be practical-which the media content, online TV ukljucujuci serve. Also has got support John, scho Yogo dozvole to use Yak grove console podatkowego Runa.


is This:

  • kompaktnosti;
  • good level signal;
  • mozliwosci vdvoine video 1080p;
  • stably robot gr podatkowego rvna;
  • Niska price.


  • little USB ports;
  • no button vkljucena;
  • slabka Wi-Fi antenna.

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