Seven facts about the popular sneakers "the Vance"

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Plate, slip-on shoes, sneakers whatever name they are not invented, all smooth sneakers Vans will remain the unique and iconic. Next, we'll talk about the interesting facts about sneakers this company and tell us about them Semenov, A. K. - editor of the online store: where you can directly buy shoes .


the Sneakers "vans" for almost 50 years

Paul van Doren, his brother James and their 2nd mutual friends in Anaheim (California, USA) in 1966 opened a small Shoe factory "Van Doren Rubber Company". They made 3-ri types of sneakers and sold them at a price below 5 dollars. 1st models were made of rubber and canvas: very light top was connected with a massive sole. For 2-VA years of work, "Van Doren Rubber Company" opened throughout California about 50 Shoe stores.


Model # 44

1 of the 1st models of sneakers Vans had the name of # 44. On the opening day of the 1st store Paul van Doren visited 16 clients who said what they like the samples. These shoes were produced in red, blue, white and green colors and cost $ 4,5.


Master of collaborations

"Van Doren Rubber Company," that Champions the quality and quantity of released collaborations: in the last 3 years-ri TM "Vance" has worked with: Kenzo, Liberty Art Fabrics, Metallica, Iggy Pop, Taka Hayashi, Supreme, Haro, etc.


Sneakers "vans" for Catholic school

the History of this brand is associated not only with skaters and surfers in the 1st 10 years in the sneakers "vans" were, and went all the cheerleaders of southern California and also students of 1-St of Catholic schools.


casual shoes

This is a canvas shoes with elastic inserts without laces. 1-s slip-on shoes "vans" were made of canvas. Their main difference from other slip-on shoes was sole that does not slip. They were worn by sailors and yachtsmen.


2014 Fashion impact

In 2014, the sneakers were the Shoe hit of the season Vezina-summer. It's possible that bright running shoes, which are so fond of dandies and women of fashion, will disappear from store shelves, and in their place will be "fancy".

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