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Some believe, that hair povinn symathise only profesonal. TSE is not only the need lishe pridbati navik. Of course, if you don't varzeas accurate coordinato ruhv something better yet rassadnitsa on the Barber or just fahra zi zwyczajnego salon Krasi ABO porosity have CE, kogos with rDNA / blizkih / znajomi.

In deal for cutting boredi need three different machines:

  • for Hanna;
  • for cutting WUSV I bakenberg;
  • for cutting of borodi.

Cutaneous s Tsikh vidv machinery has got width of rsno Lesa Brite, rsno periodichnosti of Briti, rsni Kut "attacks" between data / riozim mehanna I handle, RSN vidcast blunt riuchi of castin. Vraja? Wacouta for nowacka. The Arsenal can the sobi dozvoliti, perhaps, profesini a Barber, what you need to not only its Ganna systems to (and systems horosho quality that costout respectively), ale and nauchitsya them koristuvacha, pogledati I Svojanov cistite. The almost at all (even zvychajna) ) perukarnya service "haircut of borodi" and "haircut WUSV". Then Profesional DOPOMOGA vibrate style borodi, vimi beard POM aktualnim shampoo and Sacele special stay. By the way, Thank postright beard TA can remember when travelling in the Barber Cabinet "Aesthete": .

Yakscho vie W all versile Nkomo not dovrete his roslinnej on obliss, we can abitia Nizami , budgetary models of clippers borodi.

it's desirable NOIZ pridbati in profesiyno MAGAZIN for perukar, but in principle I swichin clcom shodyatsya - smut, so stench is not tupimi boules.

When vibor trimmer better vdavali Periago bezdrotove models. Trimmeri of almost savedi mayut in Complect nozzles, that dozvolyayut otrymaty the Chi NSW davino hair when streets. Valuim parameter at pdbr itself so I will minimalna maximum Davina hair, Yak pid can strigi nozzle. In principle, the trimers can parunat I the great without a beard tips, but remember - be-a movement which Newry all SPSU. Best of pasinati W cause the nozzle (of course, W Araguaney navne dourine borodi), and then postupovo perehoditi to Malenko .

For haircuts also neobny grebni W great teeth of wooden any it's desirable, but not schob der hair. For WUSV little better grebni W drvname teeth.

Not zavadil, course, Zerkalo - suicaine / trellis / zi zbilshennya.

Not street mocr beard I remember when travelling - pologamy Stan hair troch vigourous after I wiehanne to levitsa, scho duzhe Wisla briefly. Then can posaditi when they roscan. When streets grebni conductive through his beard, and Nizami stright with grebene of external debt of the side. TSE wanono incoherent, but all the same to dovedetsja podiacheskaia. Better a few not districti, than prestige. With the Mets otrimannya simer korisno pasinati haircut from Wuhu to pdbid initially the company produced on the one hand, and then just the self - W hogo.

When streets WUSV initially the company produced rozcesti they to bottom. Then podrzati bottom edge WUSV Nizami ABO, ABO typing, postupovo truchoice from the middle of the company initially the company produced in one direction and then in NSW. Remember when travelling to pthalate of sverhu right to the gusto, but zanadto thin Sazka WUSV when patogeni bored wyglada troch wonderfully. Do not forget parunat hairs, that starcat to involved in parties and by the Tim I psuti the whole wiggled. Necessary they vesiculate - better just parpati.

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