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This roofing material in the form of steel, aluminium or copper sheets, which are coated with a special protective layer polymer and shaped cold pressure. By the way, in Kiev you can in "Budservis":


Main advantages of metal roofing:

  • Small weight. 1 m2 metal roofing has a weight of 6 kg, which positively affects the cost and ease of transportation and installation of this roofing material. The low weight metal creates almost no additional load on the walls of the structure, which is important when installing roofing of buildings with bad foundations;
  • Efficiency. Today, metal is relatively inexpensive roofing material. Especially the efficiency of this material is evident when you consider the term useful lives (about 50 years);
  • Resistance to external factors. Metal has a unique structure so that it can be used in any weather and in lyubeyshie climatic zones. Roof made of this material, will easily be able to withstand even prolonged exposure to hail, rain, snow, and UV rays
  • Aesthetics. In today's construction market tile is presented in a very rich textural and color diversity. This means that whatever the building designer 100 % will be able to choose exactly the tile that will emphasize the stylistic solution of the structure, admirably set off a color, will decorate the building;
  • fire safety. Become galvanized, and other materials used in the production of this construction material, can neither support combustion nor burn.

Disadvantages of metal:

  • loud noise during rain and hail (but it is not typical for a roof of this construction material, which was mounted on a high professional level);
  • the huge loss of material at installation of roofs of a complex structure (though given the low cost of this roofing material and its undeniable advantages, in some cases, even large losses - justified).

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