The color of the curtains is important

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From the way you picked up the blinds will depend on what type they will be and "fit" in the interior of a room. You also need to take into account which side of the world come out of the window. Cold and more soothing colors such as sky blue, light grey or blue perfect for light rooms, because it will offset the excess light of the sun. Let's look at some of the most popular colours of roller blinds. By the way, you can also purchase roller blinds in Dnipropetrovsk on our site: .


White and light gray

Usually they emphasize the purity and beauty, as well as in reality they are more practical in use. White has a positive feature to increase the volume of a room, but it is a cold shade, so it is recommended to use Windows that overlook on the South side. As for light gray color, today it is popular, especially among young designers, because it has the ability to increase and greatly expand the space, and at the same time is considered a neutral shade that attracts a little attention.



It is the color of nature which can very quickly soothe and to pacify. It is well suited for rooms such as living room, bedroom, kitchen. Because of its ability to charge people with energy, very often it is used in children's rooms, and the shade of green gives a soothing effect. Ideal for creative individuals, because it directly contributes to the development of inner harmony.



unlike the more bright and saturated colors, it is relaxation and rest, despite the fact that a cold tone. These curtains have a soothing and cool effect that can make certain ease and nonchalance in the atmosphere of any room. Typically a given color or its shades are used in the interiors of bedroom, kitchen, rooms for children, giving them a little ease and peace.

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