What are the courier bags products from the online store?


Plastic bags - is, first of all, very reliable, resistant from illegal opening, and from the effects of the effects of the external environment a package that has a safety valve. Are usually made according to the dimensions given by the customer.


Important features of these packages:

  • the presence of reverse (adhesive) tape that has a high degree of adhesion (i.e. stickiness);
  • the
  • There is a pocket that is designed to store documents (this is, of course, only at the request of customers).

What scope of data products?

  • These packages often use to avoid cases of substitution, damage or loss of valuable documents and valuables during their transportation and storage;
  • the
  • to carry out the shipment of goods directly from online stores.

Main features package

package Type is of two varieties: post and courier.

Adhesive layer: he usually amplified, while protecting from unauthorized opening of the package.

Material to produce the bags: the customer chooses the material, it can be: LDPE, MDPE – only elastic materials. As for color, they can be painted in any color (HDPE - designed for the manufacture postal packages, as it is rarely used).

Design package: package can be manufactured with different kinds of additional options.

Pocket for documents: it is also done on customer request. This package additionally is attached a transparent pocket that allows you to save different documents (this is a "pillowcase").

Branding: the design is created only by the customer. Matt zone is typically used for applying addresses by using a ballpoint pen. Micro-printing is one of the degrees package protection from illegal write. Is applied to the package is also according to individual customer's requirements.

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