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under conditions of the deepest economic crisis, which is compounded daily, the actual military situation in the country, to find a well-paid job is becoming harder and harder. In search of work and a decent life for the people of our country directs his attention primarily on the capital, where he concentrated great economic potential. But you must admit, to go from a provincial town, in the any metropolis with only one dream to find a job in your pocket, make it very difficult. Much help out in this regard, local communities, particularly Jewish, who is always happy to help to find through its online resource


One head good, two is better

By and large the Jews here in Ukraine are far from their historical homeland, though it has quite strong roots. The Jewish community has always been distinguished for the unity and solidarity, because otherwise away from home will not survive. But if there is someone to lend a shoulder in difficult moment, to give advice and suggest the right path, or, as in our case, to offer a good job, then life ceases to seem so complicated. However, as the saying goes, to beat hell and not scary.

JewSpace is a young but already powerful and popular media project. It was created just two years ago. Its main objective is to bring together as many members of the Jewish community in Ukraine around a common goal of personal and collective development, self-realization. Anyone who join a resource, can rely on our assistance assistance in finding work (as employee or employer), making a meaningful, lasting business or social relationships, the hanging of private or collective qualification level. Also the resource do everything to ensure that every resident can develop not only professionally, but also spiritually and culturally. Here you will always be up to date with the latest news and events in the life of the Jewish community of Kiev, regions and the country as a whole.


Structure of resource JewSpace

by Registering on the site, or just visiting it for the purpose of familiarization, the user will be able to detect the following logical site structure that makes finding the necessary information:

  • job Vacancies. This section will be of interest to potential applicants. At the moment in the database resource contains more than 27 thousands of offers of employment, which can be sorted by regional, financial, professional principle, the experience and the form of employment;
  • Summary. Here you can place your personal information in the hope that they will be looking at a potential employer;
  • Education. In this section you can find a lot of useful information if anyone wants to get more professional, or religious education;
  • Repatriation. This is a branch of the resource that will be of interest to those who wish to exercise their legitimate right to return to their historic homeland, to become a full citizen. Recall, it is available to the citizens of Ukraine and other countries, who has Jewish ancestry through the maternal line or Jewish religion;
  • news. You can always read the latest news feeds that relate to the life of the community;
  • Groups. Such a thematic forum which unites the participants by specific interests;
  • Contacts. Detailed map (Google Maps) with the location of the Central office in Kiev;
  • tzedaka. A special area for donations to the General Fund.

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