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tongue-and-groove piling (sheet piles) is a pile of metal, which is used for the device is impervious screens or enclosing structures.

Solid wall constructed of sheet piles, which are closely adjacent to one another is called a tongue-and-groove fence or is near. Similar to connecting the design was reliable and sturdy, the side where its each element has a lock, which is directly and firm adhesion.

Metal sheet piles are diversified: Z-shaped, flat, and suitable for the Larsen or trough. Trough-shaped and Z-shaped sheet piles used in construction of bridges, retaining walls, trestles, piers, blocking structures and gateways, and the flat is in the construction of grout curtains. Industrial sheet piles of metal can repeatedly be applied as fencing of trenches, holes and pits.

Before you load the cleat, you need to get rid of sagging, to verify the integrity of the locks, to check the straightness of the sheet pile, to penetrate into the upper part of the hole, so that sheet pile can be connected with vibro belay sling. If need be, I will have to make also a corner chisel.


Methods dip pile:

the Tongue can be loaded in these ways:

  • vibration (made using the vibro);
  • by the static pressing-in of piles in the ground;
  • percussion (piling is performed using hammers);
  • combined vibrodrivein (an analogue of the vibrational method, but in addition more is added and the weight of the machine itself).

What is the immersion method to choose depends on the specific situation (there are practical tips for use in different ways under specific conditions). Thus, the percussion method poxodit for all soils; vibrophone appropriate for non-cohesive soils loamy or sandy type; vibrodrivein appropriate fluid for loam and clay soils are fluid - or magkoelasticna type; and indentation appropriate for the clay soils of fluid type.

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