Nuclear war is closer than ever

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"Today, the threat of global nuclear catastrophe has become so real that the presidents of the United States (Barack Obama) and Russia (Vladimir Putin) have bilaterally urgently to refuse the application launch counter nuclear missile strikes on the basis of information obtained from systems of warning of missile attack, and diplomats 2 countries need to urgently start negotiations in order to avoid the Apocalypse", warns the author of one article that was published in the newspaper "The New York Times".

James Cartwright in the past, Vice-President, OCNS, "4-star" General of the USA, marine retired, and Vladimir Dvorkin is a former head of the research Institute of strategic Rocket forces of the Russian Federation, the General-the major in resignation gave a warning about a very high probability of occurrence in the world of "accidental" nuclear conflict.

the article says that the threat of nuclear war once again loomed on the background of the crisis in Ukraine, thereby threatening the life of mankind on our planet. By the way, more details about the possible third world war involving nuclear weapons can be read .

First of all, the problem is that in the period of the Soviet-American nuclear confrontation and the cold war it was about 3 the possible uses of strategic nuclear missiles: the 1st strike, launch on warning, counter and counter-strike (retaliatory strike). Makes no sense to believe that today, with the application of nuclear missile attacks data 3-ri options are not preserved, moreover, we see that the principle of nuclear deterrence between the US and Russia exists today, as before.

In reality (in practice ) it would look something like this: on the basis of information obtained from systems of early warning of nuclear attack, a decision is made to launch a counter nuclear strike. And it will need to take for several minutes, as the strategic missile reaches target in just 15 - 30 minutes.

Lyubeyshie a glitch in the system early warning of a missile-nuclear attack or some provocation may well start a nuclear war. And if we remember appeared not so long ago, cyber threats, this danger will increase several thousand times.

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