What are the benefits of learning foreign languages


today, when applying for a prestigious job important factor is knowledge of foreign languages. For example, if you want to create a high-quality presentation on Los Angeles you will need English, if you have business in Beijing you will need the Chinese language. However today there are various that will help you to get it. Remember, if you are looking for a high paying, prestigious job, wherever you go, you must ask 2 main questions: Where did you study? and What foreign languages do you know? . And notice, not the language , namely the language .

In Europe, actually, people already speak at least 3 different languages: in English (because it is considered international), in their native and 1 foreign. And in civilized societies it is considered normal. Let's look at what may be useful to study, for example, the English language.


Benefits of foreign language skills:

  • first, it will be you "fat plus" when applying for any job. So, lyubeyshie the company will welcome an experienced specialist who knows a foreign language. This simplifies the PC experience and English documents, except, in the case of partnerships with foreign firms, you can act as a translator;
  • secondly, this is the "fat plus" to you personally because knowledge of a foreign language can benefit in person. No matter where you need to go and who will have to deal with the dialog, you will always be able to maintain themselves. Your English may not be perfect, and you have to constantly ask your companion, but when dealing with him you don't need anyone's help;
  • thirdly, learning English today, you won't need to hire for your child's teacher in the future. Today, personal teachers and Tutors with the family budget many people who do not speak English, leaving a lot of money. If you know English, helping their children with homework at least 8-9 class - you will be able to save some decent money, but you will also have the opportunity to spend more time with them, thereby participating in their development and education.


to Enumerate the benefits and advantages of speaking foreign languages is endless. Does not matter what language is: English, German or Chinese. Today demand professionals with knowledge of international languages and rare (Polish, Czech, Turkish). Therefore, if you have any opportunity to learn a foreign language at least at conversational level - don't waste time: sign up for a course (today there are many paid and free courses and video tutorials), find yourself a good teacher or learn the language of their own.

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