Yak Rukh gate panel vpliva on the weather, I priplyli VDRIVE?


the Weather for tomorrow - scho Mauger Buti aktualne for skin z us. Mi can without osoblivo ​​uwagi posluhat programa Novin, ale Yak til pochinayut peragawati forecast wait, mi kidmo all business I sluchaetsa in Koine the word teleidoscope, yamaguchis sapam it must be remembered, Yak tomorrow occurs temperature, which bude swidth wtru, and Chi will apadi. Spozywczymi prognozu wait is billions of people of different professions: agronomy, Safari, geologists, letchiki, sailors, budulinek, alpinisti.


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Assumed to wait mcno uvisel in life, Yak of goroden, so I Sliska italv. E zwykle life on nauz. But ... modern dolgostroev assumed to spravlyayutsya at 55-60 percent, in other words, W cutaneous ten prognozu chotiri vyyavlyayutsya nepravilnoe. Theoretical boundary prebacivanje becoming wait 7-10 days, not more. Some meteorologists sources claim, what exactly can prebaciti weather lachey on one dobu apartments in Radus up to 200 km away.

Scientists believe that bespalikova prognozuvannya sche Doug rocky will not pavlata nauts, Yak for absolutely precise peredmostna, na dobu apartments navit forward, I need spati proanti data on production and W skin themno square kilometers of surface. In addition, duzhe often assumed to have vyyavlyayutsya natechnymi, Yak vrahovuyuchi by forecasters, not all factory and that velichayut scientists in pohod. One W such navrhovani factors , those scho need to know Taku zakonomernosti pogodnih for change : UC connection'yazok s osoblivosti movement of the gate panel in a orbit around the sun. Care vgcreate, to bring the Yak, scho protham misyatsya swidth rucha gate panel on ORBT sminutes DWC: won zblast, Sensus, that, in turn, tagne zyklonb forming behind him.


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Atmosfernyi tick increases ABO pada, farmouts Silin flows W holodnim ABO powtran heat, often warm weather nespole perebivaetsya holodnim cyclone, smo satisa coming poristosti wind, which in turn bring dew ABO snegopady, after the choho vdbase pocologan, Silin morosi. Actually ncogo nespola not vdbase. This is due h Tim, what do swidth gate panel movement on orbit around the sun nervern, in the case pershomu won zblast, another Sensus, poweruse skin misyatsya. Can W tochnostyu paraguachi price something many. Cauley swidth rucha gate panel on orbit around the sun zblast ABO Sensus, then got place of zyklonb I anticyclon.


That Horizonti in nauc VDRIVE TL Nova zakonomernosti, and what can poyasnite W / the Fund?

  • Protham misyatsya Msacl Robit one revolution around gate panel, and the Earth sdisney one Obert around so Malo ORBT. Between Msaem and Land so power tain, pid du ACO on dlanc between the Land I Msaem vdbase prilepi, and on protalinka BOC Ter vdbase prilepi, ale vzhe through du decentrali forces. Vacentral Seeley vynikajuci the fact, that the Earth Obertas around the center runway, which to znahoditsya between the Land I Msaem, specifically, in seredyn male orbot. Vdbase rostanina gate panel tunic pid du two forces: on the one hand vpliva power tain Misyatsya, and on the other hand - vacentral power. This factor is dokazom sovanna male orbot gate panel. Through those scho in gate panel so small Orbeta, " the movement of the sun around vdbase not rwnj, and guilesti tractor.
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  • Is th hi factor, which gra wailevu role in formuvanni problemw I vdovu, and sama: SMA vidcast gate panel Misyatsya I DC on msacl. The gate panel constantly sminutes kriticna energy (swidth) protham misyatsya, vneslo addition power problemw I vdovu Bova RSNA. Protham misyatsya, if kriticna power gate panel height, respectively increases , visota problemv (recall, that shvidki protham polovini misyatsya increases at 9400 km I in nastupni pumbaza pad on 9400 km). If Nile swidth gate panel, then vdbase nails priplyli, and if shvidki ninica, then buuut neimans priplyli. Knows, what visota problemw sminutes protham misyatsya, and TSE is dokazom in scho swidth gate panel sminutes protham misyatsya. In cycles within the limits of one misyatsya can govoriti about rcno circle: vzimku swidth gate panel more, than vltk. Vzimku spottergijs nails priplyli, CE to bring those, scho Qiu in time to rock the gate panel Nile shvidki.

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