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take care of a good condition of filters in your car is the very first thing you need to do when maintenance is required. Unique ability to hold a variety of dust and very small dirt of all the filters are divided into three simple types:

  • the First type is the "absolute filters". They are almost always completely grasp various soot and dust
  • Fit exactly the second class capable to hold the dirt more than 1 ?m;
  • the Third unique class can catch even minor impurities above 10 microns.

All of this always depends on the manufacturer of such automobile filters. By the way, if you need or any other vehicle is to purchase them on the website


Types of car filters:

  • Fuel filters. All the highest quality fuel filtration components protects the car engine from any harmful particles, which, alas, very often in bad oil or gasoline, in addition, they also assist greatly with the pump when pumping gasoline. It is a special layer in these filters are efficiently manufactured from special paper, which is always impregnated with acrylic resin. Such a filter has been replaced only in matter, remote, or located inside the tank. For these internal filters is the most opportune period for service is, where it is 100 thousand km, and for a simple remote — 50 thousand;
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  • Air filters. In the second form presents the air filters that protect your engine from dust. It is this dust really weigh down the working mixture, degrades all dynamic properties of a car engine and, of course, increase fuel consumption. If we do not change, it will lead to a huge increase in load on the filter element. Buying a new air filter, you should always pay attention to its most important factor: that is, whether the element is tightly attached to his body, because the level of filtering is always 60-70 %, and it is very fraught with failure of the motor;
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  • Cabin air filters. The third type of filters is the cabin air filters that are installed for protection of your car from all odors, and various dust particles. He also has a very positive effect on the entire operation. Such unique fixtures come in only two types: namely, on the basis of qualitative filter paper and the activated carbon. The effectiveness of such filters is much higher, but also they are more expensive than fit on a simple paper basis;
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  • Oil filters. Finally, the fourth type is a unique oil filters, which are used for purification of the oil in the motor from the unwanted dust particles. It is very important to buy quality oil devices are very high class, as all poor quality much faster effect on your engine.

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