Are traveling with young children own car


comfortable in his car is now almost the same as ride with their little house. I mean, like you're riding on the road, and like being at home – everything you need is always at hand.

so, what should be in your car:

  • Water should be easy is not very large bottles or flasks a, so that your child can drink it in the road itself;
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  • Delicious food to eat, but, of course, well Packed in small boxes, and in any case not in bags. Such packages often scatter food on the floor, and even on the seat. Gently place the food in small portions. When the child asked to eat, and you right there give box. And so throughout the road;
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  • If you are traveling with older children, then it is not necessary to pre-package these boxes. You in a small bag can lie ordinary packages, and the unique box should also be only for each child. When it is empty, the child always pays her mother (but if she's not going behind the wheel) that gives another adult and he always add a meal in a box – the same or even another;
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  • Wet and, of course, dry wipes, dry facial tissues, and toilet paper. For all children under the age of 3-3,5 years – must be potty! Because he can be a really big pinch in any unexpected time for you and the child immediately should be put that he did not expect. All of the liquid from the pot you can easily pour under some tree;
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  • should Always be a spare set of clothing on the season – a kit for each of your child. You can even pair of shoes sometimes to carry, or rubber Slippers. Sometimes these things are very useful. After all, the situation now is very different.

And what do you need to keep your kid sat there and was always busy, and not just running and screaming

  1. first, the discussion only option, when your child sits very firmly strapped to the seat. And everything is always placed so that a small child it was very convenient to take and put things back. Or even the mother (if the child is very small) was good to give your child everything you need while riding.
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  3. secondly, you ought to understand what the child in the road is most difficult. It is small and he is unable to comprehend neither the stay nor its distance. This only we can tune on the road, a good understanding of how we always go, how long we have left hours or kilometers, and for your child the entire road, except for the first 20-30 minutes – a very serious test. And so you have the maximum quality to facilitate his life on the road.

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