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Almost every nation of the world has a tradition of embroidery of clothing for ceremonial, decorative and protective purposes. Ukraine in this respect is particularly different because of its embroidery is known throughout the world and are often one of the symbols of the nation. Most often for manufacturing use techniques of cross-stitch or satin stitch, however, there is another equally spectacular method in which the formation of the ornament is due to the use of small decorative beads beads. Finished handmade products can be purchased online, for example, on the exchange , or try to do it yourself, about what speech will go further.


What is the beads?

In the conventional associative form, see under the beading of small decorative balls of different colors that have the same hole into which is passed the fastening thread or fishing line. In practice, however, use a completely different shape (oblong cylindrical, spherical, flattened at the poles, etc). The basic material for the production of such products is the glass.

Historically, the production and use of beads for embroidery was documented in Ancient Greece, Rome and even Egypt. But the real center of glass-blowing and bead craft has become Venice in the early middle ages.


What you need to begin?

by Itself, the technique of embroidery with beads is not difficult and quite under force to any beginner. Before proceeding to the direct description of the process, should pay attention to those tools and materials that will be used:

  • Thread. The choice here is quite wide, both in terms of color, material, and thickness. All depends on the size of the used beads. One of the main requirements to any used thread is its strength and durability (wear resistance). Color most often selected to match the substrate (tissue), although it is not essential;
  • Needle. For bead embroidery using a special needle. Their main feature is that the eyelet has an elongated shape, and the cross section of the needle from the tail to the tip is almost the same. All needles are numbered to correspond to the size bead and thread
  • Beads. It's like they say, the main character of the upcoming event. The choice here is quite wide, but you need to check the durability of the coating, but the wear on the clothes, the latter have from time to time to wash
  • Hoops. This special device or accessory to highlight areas of embroidery. The form is a combination of two rings, between which is clamped and tensioned fabric
  • Foundation. The choice of fabric largely depends on practical considerations

What are the types of joints?

Embroidery, that is, the fastening bead in the planned location, may be made single, one-sided and two-sided welds. In the first case we mean a way of attaching single beads. For this, as a rule, use an auxiliary beads or piatco.

single side seams suggest placing beads only on one surface of matter. These include horizontal, stalked, arched seams, and the seams prikra and the needle forward.

double Sided seam (stalked-line, prikra, monastery) involves the positioning of the beads on the front and back matter.

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