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Today a huge popular are so called "warm floor", which is a convenient source of heat. Such a floor can warm up and with the aid of electricity, and with water. In comparison with radiators in all modern Underfloor heating has several obvious advantages:

  • fully Autonomous (they do not depend on services, utilities)
  • the uniformity of heating of the premises;
  • this heating is the most comfortable for our body.

Now let's look at the variety of Underfloor heating and will tell us about them Kamolov A. N. employee .


radiant floor heating

Water is called the heat-insulated floor, heating of which is done with water. This type of Underfloor heating is sovremennoy variant of the heating system in the radiator panels. This kind of flooring is very popular today, by the way, to install radiant floor heating in new (under construction) and built buildings and houses.

the heating System is designed based on a water floor is quite effective and gives you the opportunity to save more than ten percent of thermal resources for 1 month (compared to a radiator system). Such savings can be achieved by lowering the operating temperature of the water in the pipes of the water floor on 2 0, in comparison with the temperature of the water in the radiator as radiators.


electric Underfloor heating

Today these floors are the most common option for arrangement of warm floors. These Underfloor heating depending on the type of heating element have the following subtypes:

  • serenevy;
  • film
  • cable.

Rod. This electric floor consists of a special flexible carbon rods are placed in a thin cement screed (fixed or special glue for the tiles) and draw it in the form of mats. This floor can be mounted under all without exception of the floor covering (laminate, parquet, standard tile, linoleum, carpet, etc.).

Film. In such electric floors as the heating element is made in a special way film material. This film is simply shrouded under the flooring (when laying it does not need any special cement screed). Such qualities make it possible greatly to expedite the installation of the film warm floor and cut in the construction of unproductive losses of time.

Cable. In such floors electric heating element typically is a special cable that is made either in the form of a simple cable Bay either in the form of rolls (ready heating sections). The basis of the cable floor is a typical one - or two-cord cable.

According to the method of electrical heating, these warm are generally divided into the following subtypes:

  • heated IR radiation
  • convection.

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