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the fashion World is very volatile. Sometimes some trends can stay for years and sometimes fairly momentous decisions boldest innovators to radically break existing concepts. It happened over 20 years ago, when the world of make-up and cosmetics in General, was dominated by only three key colours (red, pink, beige) and nothing foresaw a global revolution. Then Sandra Lerner, who was the co-founder of one of today's largest companies for the production of network equipment Cisco Systems, came to the conclusion that none of the leading cosmetic empires are not able to offer her the desired product. Here the principle has worked if the mountain will not come to Mohammed, and she, along with the companion Wende Zomnir created their own cosmetics brand urban Dickey, whose products can now be found in Ukraine and in particular in Kharkov. You need to visit the online store of Studio makeup Anna Naumenko by reference .
the Appearance of the brand Urban Decay in Ukraine is a real breakthrough in the cosmetic industry, the ability to touch the living legend, revolutionary product that destroyed the common stereotypes and continues to do so until now.


Which products Urban Decay you can find in the cabin?

In the Studio of the master create stunning and unforgettable beauty images of our lovely ladies. To do this, use only quality products from the best national and international manufacturers. These include products under the brand Urban Decay, namely sets or eyeshadow palette:

  • Naked Basics;
  • Naked families
  • the Naked 3;
  • Naked 2
  • Naked 1.

we will Lift the curtain of secrecy and consider these sets in more detail.


Set Naked Basics

This is the base model, which contains natural, matte shade 6 primary colors: beige-pearlescent, Matt sand with beige and pink accents, matte walnut, brown and black. This is a great, versatile option for applying casual, outdoorsy and festive makeup. Shadow ensure silky smooth coverage and will cost the customers of the Studio only 1450 USD.


Naked families

This is a more three-dimensional reticulation. It is composed of twelve shades that you can recreate the texture is matte, satin or shimmer. Colors represented from warm light beige to dark grey shades. The box itself is quite ergonomic, has a wide mirror on the inside of the lid that can open 180 degrees. Set also includes special brush for shading and the subsequent application of shadows. It costs 2300 UAH.


the Naked Sets 1, 2, 3

This is three different sets which are a continuation or reincarnation of the previous series. In the first shadow palette is dominated by shades from champagne to steel, which can provide texture and shimmer and glitter. The second presents palette twelve neutral shades of toponymy. The kit also contains bilateral brush and lip gloss. The third series of Naked 3 based on 12 pink shades that allow you to expand the boundaries when creating makeup. Each of the three pallets will cost the customers the Studio of Anna Naumenko in 2300 UAH.

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