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every year our climate is changing, rewarding us with little snow in winter and dry summers. The decrease in mean precipitation, especially during the period of active growth and flowering of plants dramatically affects their condition and causes people to resort to drastic measures. Most often, in this case we use artificial irrigation. Especially know this huge army of cottagers and rural residents, for whom the lack of rain is a direct threat to yield in gardens and backyards.

it is Obvious that the self-watering with conventional watering cans this is extremely tedious and not always effective lesson. To solve this question cardinally, through the use of automatic watering systems from the company Oasis , which can be found on the official website:


What systems are offered by Oasis ?

the company's clients include many completely different categories of citizens, from the friendly gardeners who need to water the beds with vegetable crops, lovers of landscaping and lush green lawns on its own territory. The latter situation is symbolic, as to ensure uniform watering of the entire lawn, without breaking its integrity is unlikely to happen manually.
the Company sells in Ukraine the system of irrigation from the leading European and global companies:

  • HUNTER. One of the leading U.S. manufacturers of irrigation systems;
  • TORO. Another U.S. representative, Pro irrigation systems which are one of the activities;
  • RAIN BIRD. Leading U.S. and global player in the market of systems of automatic irrigation with more than 70 years of experience;
  • IRRITOL. Professional irrigation system of the Apennine Peninsula.

Based on the available technology and equipment, the company's experts can undertake the analysis, selection, procurement, installation and configuration of the following types of irrigation systems:

  • Underground. Base and communication elements of such systems are mounted in the thickness of the soil. This eliminates some unaesthetic visible and hides items from prying eyes. Naturally, such systems are more expensive, have more time to spend on installation and configuration. In addition, the underground utilities require the conservation of the autumn-winter period;
  • Elevated. Typical and most common design in which all supply and distribution nodes located on the lawn. This arrangement allows to reduce the cost of system and increase its operational performance;
  • Combined. The combination of the two previous types. Typical for them is the laying of communications in soil layer. Sprinkler heads are located in an elevated position. Such systems are purely individual.

Why book the products of the Oasis ?

In today's economic situation to stay on the market using certain clear principles of business conduct, which will cause the trust of customers and constant flow. Company Oasis can guarantee:

  • High quality and reliability of the equipment supplied by leading global manufacturers;
  • the Correct calculation, selection and quality installation of equipment;
  • ongoing technical support and maintenance;
  • even watering sites and as a consequence providing plants with moisture;
  • time Savings in selecting equipment and in the process of irrigation.

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