The Story of a urologist


On the eve of the professional holiday of journalists of the newspaper « ALL » visited Kyiv city illItza, employing 178 doctors and 454 nurses. Paramedics told what they love their work and how to rest after duty. For them it is - a vocation, without which they can not imagine their lives.

The doctor need to learn and improve every day.

25 year old George Yaremchuk - urologist urban painNitsa and a member of the Kiev Center of Urology « Androtsentr & raquo ;:, makes complex operations and returns to people's health. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, he and his colleagues from the Department of Urology ready to provide emergency assistance to those who need it.

- The medical profession - a clock work.At any time of day or night, on holidays we have a service, - says George Yaremchuk. My family are sensitive to this kind of work, but, frankly, sometimes, is not happy. Of course, my wife wants to see me more often at home, and children are sometimes not enough father. But they support me. This is very important.

When choosing a profession,People did not hesitate, because his grandfather and father were physicians.

- I think, to be a doctor - that's my calling. If turn back time, I would not choose another profession. I can not say that now I'm easy. Medicine - is a heavy piece of bread. To be a doctor, one must be bold and confident withebe. But most importantly - it is knowledge, then come and the confidence and courage. Therefore, every day the doctor need to learn and improve themselves, - said Giorgi Yaremchuk.

On his significant achievements in the work of the doctor modestly silent. But his colleagues at once for it to answer questions.

- Georgy G. first started to do in the city of transurethral resection of the prostate - is the newest method of surgery. It lies in the fact that the prostate and bladder operate without an incision - a minimally invasive technique, - says Nikolay urologist Zhadan.

- This man saved the life and health of the setSHM patients. This is the most valuable and the most important thing in our work. Two sons did not follow his father's footsteps and become doctors.

- Take a break - jokes George Yaremchuk.

Mascots doctor not - he does not believe in superstition.

- When you have a good mood, all xHome watered well in the team, then it is easier to work - says the doctor.

- to help raise the mood to communicate with friends, hunting, fishing. But most importantly - « weather Home & raquo ;. Then all will be well.
The team, which employs a doctor, friendly, always support him and help. Over the years, co-pabots together they stripped the suffering of many patients.

- When you help the person and you see that he is healthy and from the department in a good mood, are you pleased with the result of their hard work - said Giorgi Yaremchuk. - Before the professional holiday I want to wish everyone to be healthy.

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