What are the water heater?

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The water heater - a vessel in which water is the WHOpossibility heated and is then transmitted to the consumer. He claimed where hot water system is missing or malfunctioning. Buy a water heater can be to establish in an apartment in a private country house or, for example, in the country. Modern heaters are convenient and comfortable to use directly, but theirseveral major types, which differ in many respects the principle of operation, the size, capacity, method of installation. Buy a water heater can be the link to the online store "E-world".

What are the water heater for heating the water way?

By way of heating water, these units are divided into Nakointroductory and flow. Consider the pros and cons that each chose for himself the best option.

Instantaneous Water Heaters

The heating in instantaneous water heaters carried out very quickly thanks to the powerful heating element. Its advantage is the supply of hot water is in the desired amount, and minus - objanecessarily the presence of a centralized cold water. Instantaneous water heaters are mounted on the wall, often equipped with valves, nozzles, hoses and shower, and may also have additional functions: indication protection to overheat and a temperature limitation of heating that will not have to worry about the health of Apparata. Buy instantaneous water heater is if you need to quickly heat the water, but you need to bear in mind that the cost of electricity with it high enough. Attractive its compact dimensions and the possibility to be represented by several water points.

How do water heaters

storage water heaters have a principle of operation of such a device as a thermos: fill with water, heated it, maintaining a certain temperature, and then water is supplied to the user. This version of the water heater is ideal for installation in the country. Plus, water heater - no need for a central Water Supply. Volumetric water heaters provide an opportunity to stock up on huge amounts of hot water. If you want to buy a water heater directly to the inner tank is made of stainless steel, it is virtually maintenance free, while the machine with enamelled lined require periodicheskogof service.

The characteristic of the type of water heater energy source

According to the type of energy source water heaters emit electric and gas. The benefits of electric water heaters: environmental equipment, heating efficiency, simplicity of operation and maintenance. Their insufficientatkom can be considered the high cost of electricity expensive, although the price of electric water heaters lower than gas.

The gas compared with electricity is cheaper, but the more expensive electric water heater gas because of the complexity of the device directly. Installation and maintenance of gas appliances need the services of specialistssheet.

For hot water heaters that imeyus indirect heating (boiler) uses the heat that is produced is a central heating system or boiler. On the boiler depends on the volume and complexity of its design.

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