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The life of every person on earth - is a constant series of events, daily ezheminutbut successive. Most of them are absolutely commonplace, do not leave a tangible trace in the memory, but there are certainly some that radically changes the course of a person's life. One of these events is certainly the birth of a child.

This new life that comes into this world is a long timeZhdanov joy, especially for parents. But the happy faces and enthusiastic feelings - is one thing, but an objective reality, which indicates that the baby is not able to meet the challenges of the world - is another. This means that parents need to fully devote his life to the interests of the child and provide the conditions necessary for itsfull development. At any stage of the development of children, one of the main roles is played by sleep. As for the newborn - it is generally one of the key elements contributing to the normal development and growth.

an analogy with adults, we can conclude that put the baby to sleep on the couch does not mean that hegood night's sleep and recuperate. To do this, you need to create certain conditions, and in particular this applies to the surface on which the baby is awake. Logically, if the adults taking care of their own sleep as pay much attention to the selection of a suitable quality and orthopedic mattress , then the child, whose dream in life plays a much more important role, worthy of such an attitude.

The criteria for selecting children mattress

Choosing the right with an orthopedic point of view, mattress for your child- It is not so simple, and, given the problems that arise when "adult" models. the final choice depends on many components: the specific technical characteristics to the visual design and, of course, price. But at the same time, there are some basic, the most important criteria on which you should pay attention in the first places: hardness, type of filler size.

The rigidity of mattress

It is the criterion that determines the degree of orthopedic effect when placing the baby on the mattress. In other words, the stiffness - a measure of how the mattress may sag under the weight of the RebbeNCA. The degree of hardness mattress should be in proportion to the decrease with the age of the child. That is definitely recommended for newborns hard type mattress , and when the 3-7 years you can pay attention to a "soft model".

Fill TypeA

This is a test, or more precisely a key element of mattress , which form the orthopedic effect. As in "adult" mattress children's content can be organized on the basis of the spring or springless blocks. The cluchae with young children, preferred Springless models based fillers, for example, from coconut fibers. They provide sufficient rigidity, also are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.


This criterion is ergonomic overtones, since on the one hand, bothvides free location mattress in the crib, and on the other - provides adequate freedom of movement of the child during sleep.

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