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From normal at mini - hotel is characterized onlythe number of available hotel rooms (although the precise definition of how these numbers should not). For the Russian Federation is 10-30 rooms, and for Europe – 50. Although there are all tiny mini - hotels 3-5 rooms. In Russia the share of hotels in the hospitality industry is very small, but abroad - is sufficientexactly a huge chunk of the hotel market. That is why there is not a single doubt that every year their number will only increase. By the way, in St. Petersburg there is a whole network of such institutions "".

Most of mini -The hotel is in the resorts. There is nothing strange, because they may be locatedI was in a specially constructed buildings and a few joint or in an apartment. There is a stereotype that mini - The hotel belongs to the lower class and, therefore, it is a bad hotel. But often it is not so - most   This unique and individual hotel offers, hthat meet the highest standards of hospitality.


The target audience of these hotels in the 1st place are both Russian and foreign businessmen and travelers. These people are interested in the 2nd thing: affordable accommodation and comfort. Mior - The hotel is an excellent alternative to large Hotels, that allows people to spend a lot less, but to live in this comfortable enough. Mini - a hotel - it's convenience and comfort at affordable prices.

Pros and cons of mini -Hotel:

  1. Available rate;
  2. Cpokoystvie and silence (because there is a lot here to see prices do not guests);
  3. There are cozy and comfortable, all renovated and nice furniture;
  4. Budget linens;
  5. Small rooms;
  6. Effort take into account all the wishes of guests (individual customer carex);
  7. High-quality and thorough cleaning of the rooms;
  8. Little extras (no restaurant, fitness club, theater), although all this often is somewhere nearby;
  9. There is a kitchen, kitchen appliances, dishes, washing machine;
  10. Very often there are special services available, such as: purchase of ticketsNewspapers, order food, and others.

Species mini -The

Bed and Breakfast, or B & B - This is a hotel where guests apart from accommodation also offer breakfast. Often, such mini - Hotels – This spiritual comfort, hospitality and national features.

Capsule Hotel – This unique hotel in MDM size bed is the size of rooms. There are hotels in Japan, but today they are around the world. For example, at Heathrow Airport in London is such a capsule hotel. Also, there are hotels in other pagesAnahita: the Netherlands, Cambodia, America, and even in Russia (Sheremetyevo).

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