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< p style = "text-align: left;"> Each of you even sometimes visits a restaurant goes to a pizza with friends, or spending time in a cozy cafe chashechCoy of coffee with a delicious cake. Men love to watch football for a beer, and women - to talk over a glass of wine. You are often invited to come for a visit - for birthday, anniversary, christening or other family event. How to behave in order to make a good impression and not to get into an awkward situation? This hundredThiers we will talk about the basic rules of etiquette as allow you to always feel confident in any of the above situations. Note that the rules of etiquette for children is almost no different from the rules of etiquette for adults, so if you need to read the article their children. For more on this and the other can be found if

If you came to visit, do not rush to immediately sit down at the table. Wait for the hostess will invite you, maybe you will offer a predetermined place. If not, can themselves delicately clarify where you'd better sit down.

There is no need to shake every Acutstvuyuschim guest, you can restrict the common greeting, do not forget to say hello to a separate host and hostess.

It is undesirable to sit too close or too far from the table. You will be inconvenient to take the food and eat.

For the table to sit up straight and slightly leaning back in his chair. In one case it is impossible to swing the chair. In addition, it should be unsightly, you may damage the furniture and even the fall.

Do not use excessive actively gesticulating, because you can inadvertently offend a neighbor, pour wine on the tablecloth orsplit plate. In order not to annoy those around you, do not knock his fingers on the table, do not play cutlery or glasses.

In order not to stain your clothes, you can put on your knees unfolded napkin. After eating it is put on the table in expanded form on the right of the plate. Do not wipe the face with a napkin, justwet lips.

How to behave politely and chat

In a restaurant or at a party behave naturally and easily, but not vulgar. You should not draw attention to themselves excessively noisy manner to talk or laugh too loud. No need to go to the other extreme and sit quiet as a mouse, not priemlya participate in the general conversation.

Do not put the dish on the plate neighbor without his / her permission. Do not force to eat « well, at least a little piece & raquo ;, even if, in your opinion, is the most delicious snack of all that you have tried.

Do not make drinking alcohol, motivesRui notorious « you do not respect me & raquo ;, « you do not support the company & raquo ;. If a person does not want to drink another glass of vodka or a glass of wine - it's a private matter. If you do not want to drink any more, just politely refuse, do not cover the glass with your hand or a cloth. You also do not have to explain the reason for the refusal.

Toak toasts

Many of the celebrations, especially weddings, birthdays and anniversaries can not do without toasts and wishes of the guests. To your toast was a success, follow a few simple rules.

Be concise. It is not necessary to delay the much toast, to tell long stories of nroshlogo. Guests simply get bored and they look forward to when you finally let them glass and continue the celebration.

Speak clearly, emotionally, looking into the eyes « perpetrators celebration & raquo ;. Smile, be witty and helpful. Avoid statements that may offend someone elsepride, mocking and indelicate phrase.

If you are confident enough, you can tell an interesting story, a fresh anecdote, use the exact aphorism. It is not necessary to repeat the long-known corny toasts, jokes and poems. Better to sincerely congratulate the birthday in your own words.

If you eloquence fails, or if you are worried - limit to a few simple and positive wishes, or, if possible, prepare toast at home.

How to take food and taste dishes

Remember, that the dish with a common dish can not recruit their own spoon or fork, usedevice, which is designed for this purpose.

Consuming a first course, you need to type in a spoon so fluid that it is not overflowed with food. No need to blow into a plate or spoon, it is better to wait until the dish to cool.

Hands can eat bread and a bird.

Bread put on a plate and break off small pieces of it, is not accepted to hold in your hand a piece, do not hoard the remains of the sauce or the first piece of bread dishes.

The fish is not accepted to cut with a knife, they can only help themselves to separate the bones.

cutlets, stuffed cabbage, dumplings and other beneathbnye dishes eaten with a fork, a knife to open them.

Salads also eat with a fork, a knife can cut lettuce or large pieces.

Salt from salt shakers need to take a special spoon or knife clean.
Sugar, refined take special tweezers, or if they do not - just his hands.

Hit absolutely can not do

  • to begin there, before all the guests bring a dish. The exceptions are large banquets, then you should wait until the meal is served only to those people who are close to you;
  • Sniff brought food;
  • there with his mouth open, a loud slurp and smack one's lips;
  • Do with a knifeand, picking his teeth with a fork, in such cases it is better use the toothpick;
  • To criticize cooked meals if you are invited to visit home;
  • Make someone comment on the behavior of the table ;
  • Wipe cloth hand;
  • The girls and women - combed or popravlyaetsya makeup for table . This is best done in the toilet of the restaurant or in the bathroom;
  • light a cigarette without asking permission from the neighbors for table or mistress of the house.

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