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There are several types of sites , nof their distribution is rather arbitrary. In order to decide what type of website you need, you need to clearly define the objectives and goals of the future site. Having defined the objectives, you will realize what should be the site. The site can not please everybody, so the design should pay attention to the needs of groups of visitors you need.


The first type of site - it. This resource is a   site with several pages, they are usually not more than 10. Most often, online business card is created with the aim of promoting the image of a company or an individual product or service. The site can be a great starting point for the subsequent creation of a corporate portal.

Site-card fit in such cases:

  1. If the main work with the customer in real mode, but potential customers convenient for you on the Internet.
  2. If a detailed description of all the products can not be placed on the site, or service can only be provided at the time of personal interactionaction with the client.

Design of a small website usually laconic and business.

Creating a small website has its advantages. First, it saves funds to disseminate information about the company. Second, online business card helps customers to easily find the necessary information about the company and productsor services that it provides. And, thirdly, this will enable your potential partners to quickly find information about your company.

promo site

promotional site is somewhat similar to online business card. Most often it is designed to promote a particular product, service, company or event. Homethe purpose of this site - to attract attention of the audience. Promo site should prompt the user for a specific action. In contrast, it is a small website, design of promotional site should be interesting, bright and exclusive. On such sites are placed at least the information required.

Corporate website

Corporate withAit performs the functions of a small website, online store or catalog. The design of this website are usually created based on the logo or corporate identity. On the corporate website to post news, a catalog of products or services, contact the company and the form of communication. Corporate website contains complete information about the company, its goals, objectives, PrincenN work plans, etc.

Such sites tend to produce large and medium-sized companies seeking to expand the scope of its activities.

Shop Online

Probably the most common type of site to date - an online store. Almost everyone at least once ZakhoDila in the online store, and most carry their shopping there every day. Online store allows you to buy all sorts of things, pay for them and even keep track of their orders.

The benefits of online stores are clear: savings on lease of storage facilities, as well as the opening and maintenance of a real store. Also, online store OAPColyaet significantly expand the geography of sales.

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